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Week in Review: Falling Behind

Confession: I’m falling behind a bit.

It’s actually been a wonderful week, full of adventures and accomplishments. But I’m in grad school. Which means I need to be investing a little more time in my academic self.

I used to be different in undergrad. The ‘I’m not going to go out and party or have fun ever because I’m just going to lock myself in my room for hours on end and study’ type. My personality really has changed since then, especially, I think, since eating disorder recovery. I’ve become more self-confident going out and hanging out with new people, going outside my comfort zone. I’m more willing to prioritize self-care, even when it compromises my other responsibilities a bit. And I’ve become less perfectionist about my academic work. In undergrad, for example, I always made sure to read every word of every book assigned. And I did it, too. In grad school, there’s just too much reading to do that, which means, on the one hand, that I’ve gotten good at prioritizing what I most need to work on, but on the other hand, I’ve become more comfortable with letting the little things go. Not terrible, but not something to make a habit of, either.

So it’s been a great week. But I’m going to have to dash off this post really quickly and get back to work. And this coming week I’ll need to be a little more nose-to-the-grinding-stone.

BTW, I think Week in Review is going to be more my linkup of choice. I’m trying to adjust to start having an actual blogging schedule, and even though WIAW is a really fun and popular linkup, I think I’m more into listing the things I did rather than the things I ate. Not that there’s anything wrong with listing the things you ate. But I spend enough of my time worrying about food as it is, what with all my food intolerances, and like to celebrate other aspects of myself.

Let’s get listing!


  • On Monday, I made myself these blueberry banana oat pancakes for breakfast. To make them low-FODMAP, I just substituted half the oats for 1/4 cup of gluten-free flour blend. I’m seriously addicted to Running with Spoons. It’s a problem.DSCN0510
  • I went to spin class three times. I’ve discovered that I can usually make it to the 12:15 class right after I teach, just so long as I have all my gym stuff packed ahead of time. I usually only make it to spin twice, but I’m trying to just always make it a Monday-Wednesday-Friday thing–forgiving myself, of course, if I have to miss a day. I’m getting stronger–my average watts and calories burned is gradually getting higher over time. I don’t obsess about the calories for weight-related reasons, but it is a good way to measure how hard you’ve worked, and I’m finding I consistently get around 50 more than I used to–which means I’m getting fitter!
  • I did a new FODMAP re-introduction: a GOS test with almonds, starting at a 15-almond portion size, then working up to 20 and 25. Success! That’ll mean I can incorporate a lot of other nuts and legumes into my diet once I get through the testing phase, such as lentils, split peas, black beans, green peas, cashews, hazelnuts, and pistachios. Hooray! I’ll probably never want to eat these too much in excess, just because these all tend to be high-fiber gas-producing foods, but they’re also great sources of vegetarian protein and prebiotics.DSCN0402
  • I underestimated how long it would take me to write a draft of my literary journalism piece for my creative nonfiction workshop–way underestimated. At the grad level, most instructors aren’t too picky about grades; in fact, a lot of them don’t even bother with a grade breakdown on the syllabus (20% for this project, 30% for that, etc.) But I still feel really crummy when I don’t live up to standards. I only turned in 6 pages, and it’s not even a complete draft. It doesn’t even have a conclusion; it just kind of stops in the middle. However, I wanted to prioritize giving feedback to my classmates for workshop, and for that reason, I decided to put it aside and turn in what I had. Fingers crossed that the professor won’t be too upset with me! Working on homework in my office with a Tupperware lunch:DSCN0468
  • On Thursday, my class was cancelled due to the professor being at a conference, and I took that morning to work on blog things. I published a Thinking out Loud about where my journey with anorexia began (hard to say, in truth).1017611_10151523772028149_1775089037_n
  • On Thursday night, CSU Swing Dance Society had its big swing event of the year, complete with a live band. Dancing to a live band is hugely fun compared to dancing with recorded music, so long as the band is good. I tried to take pictures–but do you know how hard it is to take pictures of people dancing!? They all came out super-blurry, although some of them were kind of cool for it. And I got a few pictures of folks just being beautiful and a bit more still, too. DSCN0519 DSCN0524 DSCN0525 DSCN0538
  • On Friday night, I had volunteered to help the swing dance society with RamRide. Basically, at CSU, student organizations can get funding by volunteering to drive drunk students home at night. It’s kind of a nice idea. The catch: it was going to go until 3 in the morning. This girl turns into a pumpkin at midnight (and all my horses turn into mice.) After much awkward negotiation and miscommunication, it was discovered that our group had more volunteers than needed, and I volunteered to leave. Instead, me and my sweetie went out for a drink at a funky little cider bar called Scrumpy’s that I had never been to. (Cider, by the way, is untested for FODMAPs but seems–knock on wood–to have gone down okay. At least, I’ve made it through the weekend without major discomfort. Hooray–more things I can consume!) I was kind of bummed to miss doing the RamRide thing and hanging out with my swing dance friends, but not upset to get to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  • I tried a couple of new recipes from the cookbook I won from Kate Scarlata, 21-Day Tummy Diet, and was able to finish up a review of it, which I posted to the blog last night. If you’re a FODMAPer and looking for a good FODMAP-friendly cookbook, this is one I’d definitely recommend.DSCN0288 (2)
  • Spent most of Saturday grading papers and finally got more on top of my you-know-what. It was a gorgeous weekend, though, so I also got a couple of lovely walks in around Ft. Collins.
  • Arranged and re-arranged some flowers after the stem of the Gerbera daisies started to droop. Perfect solution: flower in a tea cup! (It’s actually just one daisy–looks a little bit like two because I set it right by the mirror.)DSCN0555

This coming week the plan is to hide under a rock and do all the homework. (The assignment for my class on intellectual property and plagiarism is to pretend to “cheat” and buy a paper online. How’s that for a wacky class?)

Hope all my lovely readers have a great week!

Do you do late nights? Or do you turn into a pumpkin at a certain point?

What do you do with flowers when the stems start to break or get soft? Toss them? or try to find them a different home?

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  1. Cora says:

    Amen to listing out things you do rather than things you ate. I like wiaw, but this link up feels closer to gratifying who I actually am. For I am not what I eat.
    I also have felt a huge shift away from that need to “work work work”and have felt myself become more relaxed through recovery. What a wonderful feeling this has been. Though of course there is still a time and place for that work ethic to kick back in, aha.
    I love that you swing dance. I’ve done some through my dance training and it is just the funnest thing. I’d love to join a club one day.
    I hope you work hard enough to get your work done – but not TOO hard. Still time for some relaxation in there too πŸ™‚

    1. Joyce says:

      Yeah, I think I’ve come to that time and place. : P That more relaxed attitude is such a blessing of recovery–we don’t have to be perfect all the time!

  2. The weather this weekend was lovely, so I’m glad you got to enjoy a bit of it. The swing dancing stuff looks like so much fun too. I can practically hear the big band music beating in my head; then again, maybe that’s just the voices. πŸ™‚

    The older I get the more I realize we have to change our own self imposed expectations about projects, deadlines. Keep doing the best you can and that’s really all you can ask of yourself. Life is one big jiggling act and self-care has to be a piece.

    Happy Monday, and thanks for linking up. I’m so glad you enjoy this little party. I do too.

    1. Joyce says:

      I do enjoy this party! It’s really reassuring.

  3. Ellie says:

    I’m totally not a late night person. My bed and I have a serious relationship and it doesn’t like me to be away too long πŸ™‚ my younger brother used to swing dance and showed me a move one time…that involved swinging me around his waist! I was so frightened but it was AWESOME!
    Have a wonderful week Joyce!

    1. Joyce says:

      Ha–I like that metaphor. It’s tough to have to choose sleep over fun, but sleep usually wins out in the end for me.

  4. I must say it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who has become a bit more, shall we say, easy going about academics. During my first few years of Undergrad I was the type to stay in and finish all my homework as soon as it was assigned – probably in part due to my fear of social eating etc. But not I just love being social and my school time has slacked a bit. On a totally separate note, that one photo you got of the couple with their palms facing each other and laughing candidly – one of the CUTEST couple photos I’ve ever seen! It looks so genuine and innocent. If I was that couple I’d have that photo as my default foreverrrr πŸ™‚

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks! I thought that photo turned out fun too! That work-life balance can be so tough, but it is really important. I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to find more balance in your life, too!

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