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Week In Review: Eating a Lot and Enjoying the Sunshine

There are all of these websites and magazines and things that will tell you how to “control your hunger.”

I’ll tell you how I control my hunger: I eat. That makes the hunger go away (for an hour or two).

Sometimes that means eating two hours after I ate breakfast…or lunch…or dinner. But I do it anyway.

Sometimes I also have weird unidentifiable tummy sensations that seem hunger-like. You know how I deal with those? I eat.

Sometimes there’s delicious food sitting in front of me and I’m not that hungry. How do I resist the temptation? I don’t. I eat.

Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night hungry…and usually I roll over and go back to bed. But if I’m really, really hungry and it’s really, really keeping me awake, you know what I do? Yup. I get up and eat.And how does my weight respond? It doesn’t seem to respond much at all, actually. I only ever get on a scale at the doctor’s, but I don’t have to know a number to know that my size and shape don’t change much from day to day, month to month.

Which is sad to me. From about age 18 to 22, I was convinced that I had to be extremely careful about what I ate, that the longer I could resist hunger, the better, and if I didn’t make a habit of saying ‘no’ to foods that I truly wanted, I’d surely be transformed into some kind of chronically unhealthy, overweight, unattractive, bespectacled, out-of-shape failure.

Instead, it mostly made me crabby and food-obsessed. Go figure.

This week has felt unusually snacky to me. I don’t know if it’s the two spin classes I went to on Wednesday and Friday, or still catching up from my sick days last week, or what, but I feel like I’ve just about been grabbing a snack every time I pass the kitchen at home or my office at school.

It’s also been beautiful weather here in Fort Collins, which made for some lovely opportunities to be outside and get my Vitamin D.

So here’s a quick list for this week’s Review. Thanks to Meg for the link-up! She keeps getting pregnanter and pregnanter…but she keeps putting up those posts. What a rock star!Capture1. Monday, I was still feeling crummy from last week’s digestive purgatory and took myself to the doctor. He ran a bunch of tests and prescribed some medications that might help my tummy heal up, but didn’t have any explanation for why I’m having such unusual symptoms. (Heavy vomiting is not a normal symptom of IBS.) He did, however, give me some free Aquaphor and tell me to make a habit of cleaning out my belly button. …?

2. Tuesday, I was feeling well enough to get back to class. Hooray!

3. Wednesday, my students had an assignment due, but since I hadn’t been available to answer questions due to illness, I let them have an extension until Friday. Some of them had already turned it in, though, so I tried to get a head-start on grading that Thursday.

4. I got in two lovely walks with my sweetie on Thursday and again on Sunday. Thursday was a gorgeous day and I got a bunch of pictures of the hyacinths near the computer science building. Sunday was colder and rainy, but still refreshing to get out for a walk along the Spring Creek trial. Fort Collins is a beautiful city.DSCN0957We saw lots of ducks on our Sunday walk. Speaking of which, have y’all seen this video of a pet duck being cleaned with a vacuum? So bizarre and adorable.

5. And in other poultry-related news, I helped my sweetheart and his roommate with some yard work on Saturday–also a beautiful day–and the roommate let me hold one of his chickens! The chickens’ names are Bernice, Vader, and Gandalf.

6. Finally, I was quite proud of my kitchen adventures. These vegan Curry Carrot Chickpea Burgers are perhaps my favorite recipe that I’ve posted so far to the blog, besides my Green Tea Latte Smoothies, which are delicious, but pretty standard for a smoothie recipe.DSCN0963 7. Also made some homemade bread: the America’s Test Kitchen gluten-free sandwich bread always turns out awesome, even better than the wheat bread I used to try to make. If you’re gluten intolerant or sensitive, I highly recommend this cookbook.

Bread pictured here with sunflower seed butter and strawberry preserves.DSCN0970And made some quinoa fried rice, pictured here not because it’s anything out of the norm (it’s actually a pretty standard meal for me), but because the picture turned out kinda pretty.DSCN09718. Oh, and got to embarrass my brother this Sunday for National Siblings Day on the old FB. This is from back in the day when I used to tell our barber, Chuck, that I wanted my hair cut “like Christopher Robin.” Aren’t we cute?DSCN0973My favorite memory of my big brother: we shared a bedroom until I was about eight, and my brother once told me that if any monsters came into our room, he’d bop them on the head with his water bottle.

Do you ever bake your own bread?

Do you have any favorite memories of your siblings from when you were little?

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  1. Jayne says:

    That bread looks so good! I love bread making but unfortunately I’m not a huge bread eater myself, good post!

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Jayne! I love bread, as well, especially if it’s from a good bakery!

  2. Cora says:

    So that’s the best title a post could ever have. And to think our rockstar meg even posted the week she had her baby!

    Joyce I just love your writing. It’s so relatable yet so mature and well done. And your take on hunger and food – even amidst the discomfort you personally experience – is really motivating. Thank you.

    I’m glad you got to the doc. Though I’m not sure if im sold on his, er, prescription? And making gluten free bread is ridiculously impressive. I’m so curious, what was the base?? (Type of flour). I haven’t even mastered regular bread let alone gf. Hope this week has started well for you!

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Cora. I’ve never been hugely successful baking bread either, but this recipe always works really well for me. The base is the “America’s Test Kitchen gluten-free flour blend” that they recommend in their cookbook–mostly rice flour, as well as tapioca starch and potato starch. The recipe also calls for some oat flour and psyllium husk, which gives it a nice whole grainy flavor and texture.

  3. Ellie says:

    I’ve never made my own bread but homemade is delicious. Oh wait, I’ve made banana bread and zucchini bread before, but not sandwich bread. On national siblings day I visited my sister at her job. We used to play a lot together when I was little (more than I wanted) and my favorite was paper dolls. I loved those! Have a great week, I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Yep, eating when your hungry makes a whole lot of sense. I never did really understand denying ourselves.

    You and your brother are just too cute for words.

    I love hyacinths. They smell so pretty.

    Job well done on the chickpea burgers and the homemade bread. Very impressive, not to mention edible. 🙂

    1. Joyce says:

      Good to hear from you, Meghan. Hope you and the little one are doing well!

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