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Week in Review: Things That Cheer Me Up

So this week went from 75 and sunny…DSCN0725to (high of) 35 and snowing…DSCN0978in about 48 hours. Thursday I was in my little pink dress, Saturday, in corduroys and my down coat.

It’s been a long week, and a busy one. Mostly, I’ve been conferencing with all of my students about their final projects. 20 minutes a pop at 36 students is 12 hours of work–not too bad, really, at all, but it feels like a lot of yakking, especially considering that I tend to say the same thing over and over again.

Also I’ve been grading. (15 this afternoon alone! Some GTAs grade that way all the time, I know, but it’s still a ton for me.)

And I submitted a piece for my classmates to workshop for this coming week, a longer personal essay in which I experimented quite a bit with form. We’ll see how it goes over.

But even though I’ve been busy with “real life” stuff, I wanted to make the focus of this WIR fun, little things that cheer up my life. On Thursday, I posted the first “episode” in a series I’d like to write about my journey into and out of my eating disorder. There are so many brave bloggers who share their stories through the hard times, and even though I feel like I’m in a pretty good place recovery-wise, I still think that as someone writing about a struggle with mental illness, it’s most honest of me to share what the hard times looked like and the stupid choices I made, as well as how I got out of those hard times.

But, since my blog has been taking a turn a bit for the darker, I’d like to focus today on fun little things that we bloggers like to celebrate.

So here are some fun things that I did this week to relax or take care of myself, even if only for a minute or two. Thanks, as always, to this amazing new mom for her weekly linkup.Capture1. Music! My favorite thing about getting into the car is listening to the cheesy 80’s music mix CD I made over break. My current two favorite songs on the CD are “Careless Whisper” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” Also, “Holding Out for a Hero” makes me really happy whenever it comes on.

2. I found this magnet at Barnes and Noble over spring break (and didn’t buy it), but then I found it again in card form at Natural Grocers last week and caved in. Now it’s on my fridge. How perfect for a recovery blog called “The Hungry Caterpillar”?DSCN0804 (2)In an earlier post about what’s on our fridge, I forgot to share my roommate’s amazing drawing from a game of picture telephone. Have you ever played that? The rules are here. Michelle was supposed to draw a dinosaur disco…DSCN0108

3. I found out that the student rec offers step aerobics! It’s only once a week, on the same night as swing, which means I might not be able to go every week (since swing also always makes me happy). I used to adore step, though, so it’s exciting just to know I have the option.

4. Wearing my polka dot socks always makes me happy. (Pink elephant socks sadly unpictured.)DSCN03645. Baking cheers me up. And, not only that, but I found out that 1/2 a cup of rolled oats might be tolerable to FODMAPers! Hooray! (Before that, I thought it was only a quarter cup, but I guess the quarter cup limit is just applied to quick oats.) In celebration, I made some banana oat Greek yogurt muffins.DSCN09776. Going for a walk almost always helps me feel better too. Went on one of those this afternoon–even though the snow came in, it was bright and sunny. My boyfriend said, “It’s actually a really nice day. And I said, “Yes, it is, in a nice-day-in-February kind of way.”

7. I not sure if Battlestar Galactica makes me happy or if it’s just so gripping that I’m hooked, but either way I’m hooked, and I start talking to the TV when my favorite characters are in trouble, saying, “No! Not so and so!” This cracks my boyfriend up. That relationship has brought a lot of joy to my life this year.

8. Not that you should use food to manage your emotions when life is low, but I think that if you have a healthy relationship with food, it’s totally cool to celebrate with a fun treat. What’s more fun than pizza? Happened to have pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese, so I decided to try this gluten-free Bisquick pizza crust. It’s not a traditional pizza crust texture (more like a crumbly pastry, almost), but I still enjoyed it!DSCN0974

9. And finally (cuz 9’s a good number), I’m doing my final FODMAP test this week: mannitol (cauliflower and mushrooms). Which means that next week, I’ll be ready to start transitioning into reintegrating some higher-FODMAP foods into my regular diet. So excited!

Tell me about your favorite pair of fun socks.

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  1. Kristi says:

    “Guilty feet ain’t got no rhythm…”

    My favorite socks are all my Stance socks, which are amazingly bright and patterned!

    You sound so happy – love that, and love you!

    1. Joyce says:

      Great to hear from you, Kristi! Hope all is well!

  2. Emily says:

    I LOVE baking. Baking is one of my favorite ways to just think, meditate, pray, and just rest. πŸ™‚

    1. Joyce says:

      Me too! Sometimes cooking and baking can be stressful, but a lot of times, it’s a really nice way to clear my thoughts.

  3. Cora says:

    Love the choice of theme :). I think it’s important to see the hard parts of the day/week so we can give ourselves credit for what we overcame – but to then turn it around and still see all the little pleasures is what will stick with you for the long term. I could never be a teacher. I have a hard enough time saying the same thing to someone twice, let alone 30+ students and grading paper after paper. Huge respect for what you do!
    Baking always cheers me up. And my favourite socks are any of my really long and really fleecy ones – my toes are always cold!

    1. Joyce says:

      I complain about teaching now and then, but in truth, the payoff is always worth it. And yes–aren’t fleecy socks amazing? Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of wearing fuzzy socks to bed.

  4. Ellie says:

    MY favorite pair of socks are green knee highs that say vegan up the side. I wore them when I won my first half marathon and people remember them. How’s that for activism! I hope you can tolerate mushrooms, they are my favorite as of late πŸ™‚

    1. Joyce says:

      Now that is some spunky activism! I don’t know if I could run in knee-high socks. I hope I can tolerate mushrooms, too, but if I can’t, enjoy them for me!

  5. I adore this weeks post. It’s always good to focus on the good stuff, and Holding out for a Hero is no exception. Just thinking about it makes me want to bust into dance moves. George Michael isn’t too shabby either. Polka dots, baking and gluten free oats are just icing on the cake.

    Good luck with the FODMAP transitioning this week.

    1. Joyce says:

      Polka dots ftw!

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