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Week in Review: The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Hungry Caterpillars

Joyce’s week stated off as usual. She took pictures of everything she ate on Monday, fully intending to write it up on Tuesday and post it to the blog on Wednesday.DSCN1620Between customers at the ice cream stand, she took pictures of some lovely flowers and some lovely mountains.DSCN1626Then, when her shift was done and she was walking back to her room, she kept turning around to take pictures of the rainbow–the double rainbow, in fact–the double rainbow all the way across the sky!DSCN1633 DSCN1639She also finished an excellent memoir on Monday and thought she might put up a review.DSCN1644Yes, the week started well, full of the best intentions for Joyce’s pride and joy, her blog, The Hungry Caterpillar.

But the best laid plans of mice and bloggers…sometimes get caught in mouse traps.

Joyce had Tuesday and Wednesday off, so she drove to Ft. Collins and spent Tuesday morning assembling documents that she needed to apply for residency and visiting the auto shop to have her A/C looked at. She spent the afternoon helping her boyfriend pack and transport boxes in preparation for his lease ending on August 1. When they got done with all that, she realized that she should probably get around to writing that What I Ate Wednesday. But she realized she was hungry. She hadn’t even eaten supper yet. So she went with her boyfriend to get some supper instead.

If she had been a halfway decent blogger, she would have at least taken some pictures of what they ate for Week in Review, but she didn’t, and by the time Sunday rolled around, she couldn’t even remember what she’d eaten.

Despite her neglect of the blog on Wednesday, Joyce was determined that by Thursday, she would post a Thinking Out Loud. She’d been thinking a lot about her decision to go low-FODMAP and whether or not it was a “good decision,” and she thought that’d make some relevant blog material. But her parents were coming to town on Wednesday, so instead, she spent most of the day doing her laundry and running errands and cooking a birthday supper for them. By the time they were at her apartment, doctoring her bicycles and opening their birthday presents, she forgot all about the Thinking Out Loud.

If she’d been a halfway decent blogger, she would have at least taken pictures of the coconut cream pie and chipotle shredded pork tacos she prepared. But–you guessed it–that didn’t happen either.

At this point, Joyce was feeling like a very bad blogger. She at least had a couple of pictures she’d taken on her days off of some double chocolate nice cream, and thought she’d put those up. Okay, it wasn’t really a “recipe” or anything ingenious or web-shattering–but it pretty tasty. So she got that posted by Thursday night after working another stint at the ice cream cart.DSCN1647Joyce (who tends to respond to her shortcomings with guilt) at this point figured she’d better put a real post out. Who did she think she was? Some wildly successful blogger who could get away with just ignoring her fledgling blog for a week? No! She must post! After all, she still hasn’t finished her Going Hungry series. It’ll be okay, she thought. I’ll get a Going Hungry post out by the weekend.

But it ended up being a very tiring week work-wise. The YMCA was having its busiest weekend of the year, and Joyce gave guests lots of rides, delivered keys and ironing boards and futons and cleaning crates and cleaning rags, opened the Hot Shot office in the absence of her boss, worked the General Store, gave lots of directions, carried heavy boxes down from the attic of the administration building, performed quality checks on rooms, delivered fans and magnets and paper towel holders, set mouse traps and dealt with mouse traps that had…succeeded in their intended task, worked on a crew with one other person to clean an entire four-bedroom, two-story cabin (!!!), picked up trash off the lawns around guest and staff housing in the heat, and unloaded and reloaded the housekeeping dishwashers.

She also went to the staff talent show, the best part of which was the whole staff of the YMCA jamming out to The Village People. I’ll let you guess the song.

She only took one picture after Monday, besides the nice cream: a young elk hanging out by the cabin where she dealt with the…successful mouse traps.DSCN1649One of these days I’ll get a picture of one with his head raised. One day.

Joyce was not even a very good semi-intuitive eater like she encourages her wonderful readers to be. She let herself get quite hungry several times during the week, like really low blood sugar, because she thought she wanted to “hold out” until meal time.

The girl needs to be eating more to support her four-bedroom-cabin-cleaning, ironing-board-delivering, trash-picker-uppering, heavy-box-downstairs-transporting, boyfriend-with-moving-helping, for-parents-coconut-cream-pie-making, with-mousetrap-dealing, memoir-reading, ice-cream-selling, residency-document-assembling, elk-with-head-down-photographing lifestyle!

In short, Joyce is not always a particularly great blogger. But she is usually a pretty hard worker, not to mention a halfway decent daughter and a pretty okay girlfriend. If her blog doesn’t go viral, it won’t be for lack of plans…but it might be because of unexpected mouse traps!

Do you ever have lots of plans for your blog and then find that life gets in the way?

Deal with your own mouse traps? Or let someone else deal with them? (No shame either way.)

P.S. The guest for whom I collected…used mouse traps told me she was very impressed, and that mouse trap collection was really a “man’s job.” Apparently, she later called the Buildings and Grounds department and raved about how brave I was. It’s not exactly the most thrilling thing I’ve ever done, but really, lady, they’re just mice!

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  1. Oh yes life absolutely gets in the way of blogging at times (cough, the past three months, cough). It happens and it’s all good. If we weren’t out there living, we’d have nothing to blog about. Besides your week sounds exhausting enough and high five worthy without having to worry about picture taking and blog posting.

    That elk is pretty cool, even with his head down. πŸ™‚

    Have a great week.

    1. Joyce says:

      Ha! You can definitely relate to that. It still amazes me that you’ve gotten out a Week in Review every single week through a pregnancy, a delivery, and a newborn. Rockstar!

  2. Quill says:

    Just curious, why did you write this one in third person rather than first person as usual?

    1. Joyce says:

      Ha! Great question. For some reason while I was writing I felt like I was writing a childrens’ story book. Why that is I can’t say.

  3. Look at you probably not being a “good” blogger but a very very busy bee! Also, you have a way of writing long posts that don’t feel boring reading and take great pictures so could you please give yourself a pat on the back, -good- blogger?!
    Not taking pictures and being able to just enjoy the moment might not provide blog material but it’s important to just enjoy the time, too. I did that very same thing several times the past week and it felt very good. The not lugging around a heavy camera part, too. The pictures you did catch – especially the young elk and rainbow – are beautiful, though.
    Kudos on the mouse traps, by the way. The fact I don’t use any aside I wouldn’t be able to remove the ‘successful’ ones from anywhere. My mum got me a live trap once and I was SO glad it never lured a mouse in.
    I could honestly get on and on, leaving you a comment half the length of your post but will stop here. Not before saying that I wish I could have been at staff talent show, though. Singing -that- song while at the YMCA with all other staff members must have been amazing.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Miss Polkadot! It was definitely really fun to sing the YMCA song with all the staff. We just sort of ignore all the inuendo. πŸ˜‰ Thanks also for mentioning that you don’t find my posts boring. Sometimes I feel like I go on and on.

  4. Ellie says:

    Life gets in the way all the time, don’t feel bad. You have a full life and people to share it with. Sure, I love blogging, but if it becomes a chore, I told myself I would stop. Your ice cream recipe was amazing!

    1. Joyce says:

      Did you try it! Awesome–I’m so glad to hear turned out well.

  5. Cora says:

    I don’t care if you write every day or once a month – your writing, Joyce, is so, so good. You can write a seemingly “long” post but I never, for a second, get bored and am thoroughly entertained the whole time. And you write in a way that is so easy to read. Please publish a book.
    I just had to get that out.
    Now about your week. You are one kick ass, hard working, fierce, independent lady. AND an awesome daughter and girlfriend. So I’d say give yourself and your blog some slack! It’ll be here when you have less awesome things going on in your life (not that I wish that upon you, of course).

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