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Me, Mystuff, and I-Lost-It (Again)

Last semester, I called my Mad Bad Mommy Bommy (MBMB) on the phone, so frustrated I was in tears, because I’d lost something important. I don’t remember what it was–my keys, phone, sunglasses, entire purse…who knows.

“I’m an idiot!” I told MBMB.

“No,” she said. “You just struggle with keeping track of small personal items.”

Which is a really nice way of putting it.11698480_10153602933378149_1638386191356113417_n

Ever since I was in about fourth grade and first tasked with taking care of my own school supplies and homework, I’ve lost at least several things a week. In elementary school, I was constantly standing against the wall at recess–five minutes for every assignment I turned in late–not because I refused to do them, but because I would leave my assignments behind at school or at home. When I studied abroad in college, I left various pairs of pants in apartments and hotels across Great Britain. When I moved to Fort Collins a year ago, my yoga mat disappeared, followed within two months by my camera. (The camera has since been replaced–the yoga mat not so much.)

I’ve tried retracing my steps, but my lost items are seldom any place I can remember going. I’ve tried making lists and keeping a planner. But invariably, I forget to write stuff down. I try keeping things in designated places. But invariably, I forget to put them there.

And honestly, do you walk into your yoga class with a big sticky note that says “Don’t forget your yoga mat”? 😛

What’s got me thinking about all this lately?

On Wednesday, my sunglasses, which were only a few weeks old, snapped at the temple. I don’t know what caused them to break–I just remember having them in my hand as I picked up something out of the closet and hearing them snap. I suspect they might have caught on something.

It’s pretty rare for me to break sunglasses, although it’s been happening more lately. Usually, I lose them before that happens. I used to hook them by the temple on the color of my shirt, but they would fall out. I also tried setting them on the top of my head, but they would fall off.

In July, I bought myself a “gloop” at the YMCA craft market–a cute little magnetic pin with a dangling loop that keeps track of a pair of glasses (or keys, scissors, name tags, etc.) It seemed to be working really well: my sunglasses stayed right on my hip and never fell off. Until they broke in my hand on Wednesday. I tried gorilla gluing them to no avail. Another pair of sunglasses done and gone.

Thursday morning, I decided I needed a new pair of sunglasses. They’re a must-have at this altitude. So I bought myself a nice pair at the YMCA gift store with blue-tinged lenses–they fit really well.

In the afternoon, though, I noticed my brand-spanking new sunglasses were missing. Again! My super-comfy new sunglasses had….

fallen off the gloop, off the edge of the golf cart into the parking lot, and were run over by a car. At least, this is what I concluded when I found them several hours later.

So I went back and bought myself another ding dang pair of the exact same sunglasses. The same day.

I don’t keep an official budget, but if I did, I would need to have an entire fund dedicated to “replacing missing items.”

P.S. I went to take a picture of my gloop, and my gloop is missing. Irony.

Are you an organized person?

Do you lose things often?

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  1. Kate says:

    I’m the worst for losing/misplacing things! I am totally one of those people who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached.

    1. Joyce says:

      Ha! I love the way you phrased that!

  2. Mh, yes, you might as well be talking about me in some points here. While I don’t necessarily loose many things I don’t always know where some are when I’m looking for them. Actually, I was going to name my Kindle as one of those belongings that have been missing for months already. But thanks to your post I got up before commenting, looked in a place I thought I’d seen in some time ago and – voilà! So thank you for ‘finding’ my Kindle ;). Now I just wish I could help you get your missing odds and ends …

  3. Cora says:

    It’s been one of my most frustrating parts of my personality, that unfortunately, I’ve just had to come to accept as not changing. I remember you and I talking briefly about this before – when I had lost something – and you telling me that comment your mother made. It helped me hugely as well (what a smart lady she is). I’ve been losing things ever since I can remember. I try and try and tell myself all sorts of ways I will be “better” or “think more clearly” from now on, but something always happens. Your sunglasses are my cell phones. I lose or break at least 3 a year. It’s just awful.
    But, hey, I think you and I have some pretty other kick ass things about us. So we’ll just have to live with that.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Cora. I think you’re right. We still are pretty kickass. I’m sorry about the cell phone thing. That is a frustrating one, since everyone has to get you new number and you lose everyone else’s number…I lost my phone this summer, too. Good thing for wise mothers.

  4. Quill says:

    I can really relate to this. My organizational system is a bit “unconventional,” or at least my mom doesn’t like it – everything is a total mess, but I know where everything is 95% of the time. That remaining 5% is very infuriating though. Working on my car is sometimes rather comical. I can set something down and need it again ten seconds later and not know where it is, and have to spend the next half hour looking for it. I once made one of those silly pie charts of how time is spent working on my car, 85% or so of it is “Now where is that (tool, part, etc.)…?” The other odd part is that I loose my wallet on a very regular basis, several times for each time I loose anything else (car tools excluded). I’ve seen people worse than me though, one friend in particular. I once thought we should attach a bin to his dorm door where we could put stuff he left elsewhere, so I wouldn’t have to bang on his door every time he left his calculator in the study room. Made the mistake of loaning him my car one day, we both spent several hours retracing his steps trying to figure out where he left my keys.

    1. Joyce says:

      Oh no! My car is one thing I don’t loan out. Losing your car keys is the worst.

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