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Week in Review: The Photo-Heavy Edition

It’s been a busy week here at the YMCA. Many of the seasonal staff have already left, including all of the other hot shots. Since part of the hot shots’ job is to help any department that’s short staffed, this has kept me quite busy. The Y is still hoppin’, but the staff are all droppin’.

This will be a pretty quick little Week in Review. My sweetheart is visiting me at the Y, and it’s been a joy to spend a lot of face-to-face time with him in the real world. We’ve definitely been busy exploring around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park: hence the late posting time.DSCN1805Here’s what I did:

The highlight of the week was definitely my birthday party, but that’s already been thoroughly reviewed.

The day after that, I helped my new roommate move into our new apartment and went out to dinner with her and her family later that evening.

I worked Wednesday through Sunday. Since so many of the staff have departed already, I was at times the only person at the Rustic Cafe, the only person in the General Store, and one of relatively few approved drivers in housekeeping. Plus the front desk needed me to help with the long lines of check-ins. Job security, friends.

I had a rather frustrating episode with a pair of sunglasses, which I’ve recounted as well. For those interested, the gloop has since re-appeared: it was on my pants the whole time.DSCN1782I watched some of the Olympics, including men’s and women’s swimming, gymnastics, and women’s track and field.

I re-introduced some wheat to my diet. (More details to come.)DSCN1768I went to a folk music concert. It was a local Colorado band called Strangebyrds, and I really enjoyed their music.DSCN1770 (2)I called my mom.

And, since this post is a little shy on interesting details, here are a bunch of pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park.DSCN1795 DSCN1792 DSCN1809 DSCN1785 DSCN1789What was the highlight of your week?

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  1. Cora says:

    So you basically have had to be 10 different people working 10 different jobs at the same time…
    I always knew you were superwoman.
    Have a wonderful rest of your time at the Y, Joyce, and an even more special time with all that sweetheart face to face time. <3

    1. Joyce says:

      Yes, basically, I had to be 10 different people πŸ˜›

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful although crazy busy week. Don’t come a knocking if the hot shots are droppin’.

    I love live music and it would have been fantastic to listen to a folk band.

    Happy Tuesday and thanks for linking up. Can’t wait to hear about the wheat experiment.

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