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Week in Review + Meeting Challenges

Friends, I’m home! And ready to review another week.

Okay, sort of. I’m in Fort Collins. I’ll admit that there’s still no place like home home, which happens to be Kansas. Home is where the cat is.DSCN0711Boy, I miss this fuzz face.

Speaking of fuzz faces, a different fuzzy face (a human one with the beard) came to visit me for a couple nights at the Y. I had Monday and Tuesday off, my last opportunity for me to get to show my sweetheart the YMCA of the Rockies. We went out for Indian food on Sunday night, followed by a hike in the national park. We got off to a later hike than we intended–it was a whole hour’s drive through the park!–and got rained out so that we couldn’t ascend above tree line. I was discouraged at first, but we ended up wandering back through the woods and having a very pleasant time. We saw some big &*! elk too–check this guy out!DSCN1809Sunday was also very rainy, but we took the opportunity to get in three matches of foosball (I lost epically), Battleship (I won by the skin of my teeth), and rented a 300-piece puzzle. The YMCA staff were kind enough to ignore us for fifteen minutes rather than kick us out of the programs building right at 5:00 pm–probably because they could see how close we were to being done! DSCN1810When the rain cleared up, we played a round of mini-golf. My sweetheart’s been wanting to take me putt putt golfing since we started dating, so he was definitely pleased. Then we went and had ice cream. I went for coconut almond swirl–coconut-flavored ice cream with crunchy almonds and an almond butter swirl through it. Dang it was good.14017988_10208461220822937_332538643_nBut it was also a challenge. It was a big serving of ice cream for me. And I’d eaten a lot already that day and the day before, chasing hunger after that rainy hike.

Which reminds me of the many ways this summer has challenged the anxious food- and body-related thoughts that still linger around my brain two years out from starting “recovery.” I’ve eaten in a dining hall this summer, which has forced me to let go of the control so many of us with disordered eating covet over the foods we eat. I had to eat very differently than I would at home–sometimes more meat, sometimes richer dishes than I’d normally have at home, sometimes larger meals than I’m used to. I took a siesta from formal “exercise” because of my active job at high altitude. I ate more in general than I normally do. And I re-introduced a lot of higher-FODMAP foods, some of which were not necessarily “healthy” in a traditional sense.

(If you’re curious, I have no idea whether I gained weight or not. My clothes still fit, and that’s as far as I’m going to measure.)

Each of these steps made me anxious, but that anxiety didn’t stop me from fueling my body adequately and regularly, including some special treats just for fun. And that’s the key, I think, to recovery. The anxious feelings suck, but at the end of the day, it’s whether or not you let those feelings control your actions that matters.

After my sweetheart left, I was a little sad. He’s in a transition between school and work and might or might not be able to stay in this area for much longer. ? I tried to focus on my last few days of work at the YMCA.

It was a great pleasure in my last couple days hearing how much I was appreciated at the Y. So many managers, supervisors, and co-workers came up to tell me what a great job I had done and how much they had appreciated my help. I even received a couple of gifts–a lovely journal from a volunteer in the General Store and a gift certificate to the General Store from my boss’s boss. I used it to buy a pair of butterfly earrings I’ve been eyeing all summer.DSCN1813DSCN1820 Oh, and I got this to use in class with my brand-new CSU Rams. Because freshmen in college aren’t above playing with stuffed animals, right?DSCN1817Since then, the week’s been smooth, although not hugely exciting. I packed my possessions and thoroughly cleaned my room, got a quick post up on the blog, moved home, and have done a lot of work on my course website and syllabus. Took a couple hours off to drop by a friend’s birthday party. Now that I’m here in Ft. Collins, I’m actually kind of excited to start school again!

Oh, and I made somethin’ special. Recipe coming soon to a blog near you…DSCN1834

Have you taken any risks or faced any new challenges this summer?

How would have felt if your freshman composition teacher had pulled out a stuffed animal and started tossing it around the room?

Have a great week, friends!

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  1. I think you’ve done a great job of tackling food issues and anxiety this summer. I also know those negative thoughts can creep in, but the more you push the boundaries, the more comfortable you’ll be doing so. One day you’ll wake up and realize you didn’t think about food at all the day before and it will be because you laid the groundwork now.

    I’m glad your last week at the Y was so lovely and you got to spend some time with your man. That elk was huge, and that ice cream looks delicious. Worth the stressful thoughts I bet.

    I love the earrings and you’re never too old for stuffed animals.

  2. Im challenging myself to let go of my wild grip of anxiety and allowing the unknown future to shape itself. Me worrying will do nothing!

  3. Not only did you work a lot this summer but worked on yourself, too. Especially now you’re listing all the challenges at once – I’d noticed how free from your ED you acted throughout previous posts already – it’s very impressive. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Your approach of only measuring by how your clothes fit is such a good one, too. Scales suck and honestly don’t say much at all.
    Unrelated but wow to that elk. How close to it were you? I’d have been scared to be honest.

    1. Joyce says:

      Miss Polkadot–I was not close at all. My camera just has a super-awesome zoom function. I was at least a few hundred meters away. 🙂

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