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Week in Review: Too Many Hats

You remember that kids’ book Caps for Sale? The one where the peddler has an absurd amount of caps and he wears them all at once on his head and then monkeys start stealing them?

That’s how I feel lately. Like I’m wearing a giant pile of hats I can’t quite keep balanced on my head.

I would appreciate some monkeys to come take one or two. Or a vanilla gorilla.

Thanks, Meg, for me letting me unload the stack off on you for a while.Week in Review

Teacher hat:
  • Monday, my students turned in their first project, although I haven’t taken a very serious hack at grading them until Sunday. Still got plenty to go.
  • Taught three lessons.
  • I still need to lesson plan for tomorrow. And read the texts I assigned my students. šŸ˜› Just remembered that. Crap.
Student hat:
  • I led the discussion in my literary translation class on Monday.
  • I wrote a proposal for my final project in that class, which will be a translation of five poems from English into German. *gulp (Muss mich mein Deutsch erinnern…)
  • I also read a lot for that class, which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which means I still need to read whatever is assigned for tomorrow.
  • Tuesday was creative nonfiction workshop. I made apple chipotle salsa to share with the class.
  • I started reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. Gotta get to page 75 by Tuesday.
  • Ah, crap. I just remembered that I’m supposed to revise a short piece for Tuesday’s class.
  • I found a second reader for my thesis committee. Now I just need to find an out-of-department reader and fill out the GS6. And at some point find the time to write the thesis. Crap.
  • On Friday night, I got invited to read for my program’s grad student creative writing reading series, ForkSocket. That was a lot of fun and a definite honor. I also decided at said reading that I like gummy bears better than wine.
Intern hat:
  • I discovered that you can’t use Instagram without a smart phone.
  • I interviewed a fellow grad student to be featured on the English department blog.
  • I attended a meeting of the CSU Branch of the National Council of Teachers of English and did a write-up on that.
  • I went to our regular English department communications meeting.
  • I got bugged by people I emailed long ago about setting up a potential interview and never got back to. Ah, crap. I still need to email them back.
  • Crap again. I also need to write up a piece about reading at ForkSocket. And I need to transcribe an interview with my professor from two weeks ago.
Blogger hat:
Healthy, responsible adult hat:
  • I bought food at the farmers’ market and at Target and cooked it. Including this beet pesto.dscn2047-copy
  • I did my laundry. And my boyfriend’s laundry. You’re welcome, Sweetie.
  • I cleaned small parts of my house in short bursts a couple of times.
  • I ordered a new phone with the help of my mother and set it up on Sunday. My first smart phone. Yes, seriously.
  • I went to one spin class and one yoga class.
Social Hat:

I probably should have given up more of my social life this week. But I didn’t. Sorry not… Okay, never mind. I’m still pretty sorry.

  • A couple of nights I watched episodes of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica with my boyfriend.
  • Went to Wednesday night swing dance and out for a glass of wine afterward.
  • Went to the CSU Experimental Gardens. I took too many pictures there because I can’t resist taking pictures of flowers.14488891_10208780724410327_1334823339_o-copy 14466322_10208780729050443_1557295246_o-copy 14453856_10208780725490354_7228428_o-copy 14438869_10208780731810512_896991200_o-copy 14438793_10208780730650483_934381411_o-copy
  • Went swing dancing at a little brewery near my house.dscn2052-copyAt said brewery, my goofy boyfriend decided to steal my camera….dscn2057-copy dscn2062I put lipstick on him as revenge.

I actually cut stuff out of this post, believe it or not. Probably half my readers didn’t even make it past the first set of bullet points. Kudos if you made it this far

Which do you like better? Wine or gummy bears?

Do you remember Caps for Sale?







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  1. Oh goodness, you are super busy! Being a student and cooking for myself is enough for me right now, haha. And I still feel swamped! Also, your pictures from the garden are just beautiful. <3

  2. Diane Wahto says:

    I love your week. It takes me back to my student/TA days when I could never get anything done. It was probably worse when the kids were little. Sometimes I would stay up until 2 a.m. writing a paper. I would get it to campus, 35 miles away, and slip it under the prof’s office door just before the deadline. This was pre-computer, so if I made an error, I usually had to retype the whole thing again. I typed all my MFA poetry on a manual typewriter, but I liked doing that because the rhythm of the typewriter helped me get a rhythm in my poetry. The computer just doesn’t have the same sound.

    Your flower pictures are beautiful.

  3. I like wine and gummies and also taking pictures of flowers. I’m a sucker for those brightly colored petals.

    You did wear a ton of hats last week, and I’m hoping you get to go a little easier this week. It’s hard when you stretch yourself so thin.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  4. Quill says:

    I find it sort of ironic, though not surprising, that you are worried about getting around to reading the texts you assigned to your class. I always assumed teachers read things before assigning it to their students, but that’s not always practical. I’ve seen so many times that students don’t do the assigned reading but try to participate in discussion or write their report anyway, it’s always very obvious by their answers, that they try to skirt around answering the question by saying a bunch of other irrelevant crap. In recent months I’ve come to refer to this as a “Trump-style Report,” for obvious reasons.
    Where are the photos of Spencer with lipstick? This is something I must see! (Or are you not quite that vengeful?)

    1. Joyce says:

      Ha! No, but he was quite lovely.
      I did, actually, read the articles a while ago. But since I re-use the same articles from semester to semester, I have to re-read them each semester.

  5. Cora says:

    Oie. Soo…. I think you’d look smashing in one of those big wide brimmed sun hats from the 50s. Maybe give that one a try this week?
    All these other hats though… girl my head would be spinning. I hope this is just one of those phases that we all go through once and while where we feel completely manic for a short time, but that it doesn’t last for too much longer. Do you see any reprieve coming up? If not, definitely keep on with those gummies bears and wine. You’ll need the sustenance.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thank you for your kind concern, Cora. Sadly, I see no reprieve in the immediate future. Maybe around December…? Gummy bears definitely.
      Daww thank you. I wonder if I still have my wide-brimmed sunhat.

  6. Kat says:

    Holy smokes girl – you’ve got a lot of hats to switch between!! Major props to being able to keep your sanity with all of them. There’s no way I could manage all of this!

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Kat. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure I am sane.

  7. Woah so busy! I hope youve added some sleep in there somewhere, lady! šŸ˜€ I used to love that book and i would shout the CAPS! CAPS FOR SALE! part haha im sure my parents loved when i did that….

    1. Joyce says:

      Dawww that’s cute! I haven’t read that book in a long time.

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