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Week in Review: A Few Days Off

Happy Halloween!dscn2272I’ve been a smidgen lazy this weekend. I took a few days mostly just to chill and visit my sweetie at his parents’ place. There’s a lot of work I still need to do this semester, but actually not much due this week. And I need my sanity.

Here’s what I did this week. Thanks for Meg for my favorite weekly linkup.

I had a very bad night on Monday. You can read about it here. The apartment still smells rank, but at least it’s dry–here’s hoping the carpet cleaners come soon!

My roommate’s grandma sent us flowers out of the goodness of her heart while we were still recovering from the very bad night.dscn2265I finished an essay for my grad workshop. It’s different than a lot of stuff I’ve submitted for workshop before, so I’m excited to share it with my classmates. It’s about tea!

I taught three lessons.

I finished grading my students’ second project.

I did my No-Shame November challenge! Details to come. Don’t forget–the deadline to participate is Saturday, November tried some new recipes, including these pumpkin bars that I took with me to workshop on Tuesday night, and these Buddha broth bowls with marinated tofu.dscn2264dscn2246I totally forgot to do the reading in one of my classes and was put very much on the spot on Wednesday. Oops.

I got an email from the association of grad student writers telling me that he can possibly re-schedule my thesis reading for April 13. Woohoo! If you’ve been following my blog in some detail, you know this has been a point of contention.

I published Caterpillar Crawl for October.

I went to a small get-together over a fire pit with some fellow English department grad students.

I did a teeny tiny bit of early Christmas shopping.

I voted. Or, at least, I filled out my ballot. I just have to mail it in now.

And finally, I drove about an hour and a half to visit my sweetie at his parents’ place. We had a really nice day together. We went on an excursion to find him a Halloween costume that turned into to an excursion to one of the biggest malls in the U.S.dscn2277 I might or might not have gotten really excited about the American Girl store. (The American Girl catalogues started coming out when I was really little, and they were such a huge part of my childhood! My sweetie was very patient.)

We also stopped for a quick lunch at Qdoba, which is much more popular in Colorado that it is in Kansas. I was reminded how much better I like Chipotle.dscn2275In the evening, we went on a walk around his neighborhood and enjoyed the Halloween decorations, and we watched Battlestar Galactica and snuggled. The snuggles were much needed.

Sunday, I drove back to Fort Collins, did a little grocery shopping and laundry, and worked on a little homework in the evening. It’s been nice. Back to grading this week.

Qdoba or Chipotle?

U.S. readers: mail-in ballot or go to the polls?

Plans for Halloween?


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  1. I’ve never had Qdoba, although I was very disappointed with my Chipotle order this past weekend. I called it in and it wasn’t ready and then when I got home, I found out it wasn’t right either. No beans (hello I need my protein) and no guacamole (grrr). Unfortunately I was starving and with the baby so going back wasn’t an option. Granted this is no comparison to a flooded house…

    I’ve mailed in my vote before but this time I’m going to the polls. I want the babe to see me voting.

    Great news on the new thesis date.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Joyce says:

      Grrrr. That does sound super-frustrating. Were the employees asleep or what?
      Way to be an awesome roll model and go to the polls. I’ve always gone to the polls before, and I think it’s really fun to do so, but CO sends us a mail-in ballot, so it’s pretty convenient. That way I can do my research and fill out the ballot at my leisure.

  2. Those tacos do look amazing but I am definitely team Chipotle, craving it right NOW! And way to get your vote in. I usually go to the polls because I have the day off work, but did consider going to an early voting location, we’ll see.

    1. Joyce says:

      You get the day off work to vote? That’s awesome! I don’t blame you for wanting to go to the polls.

  3. Alyssa says:

    I took some time to just do nothing this weekend and relax as well. I watched Netflix (American Horror story) Saturday and Sunday and napped! It felt so good though.

    I like Qdoba and Chipotle, but if I was forced to pick one, I would go with Chipotle. Their guac is literally heaven! Nothing better 🙂

    1. Joyce says:

      Glad you got to enjoy a few days to relax, Alyssa. 🙂

  4. Cora says:

    After what you had to deal with last week, you deserve a garden of flowers and very much a weekend getaway without doing much, other than lots and lots of snuggles. I approve of all of this very much. I’m glad you got away for a little breather.
    Yay for the promising-sounding new thesis date. I continue to cross my fingers for you on that whole thing.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Cora. My fingers are crossed too!

  5. Oh Joyce, how awesome you’re getting a chance to re-schedule your thesis reading. I can only imagine how huge of a relief this is for you.
    I’m also happy your weeks – the horrible Monday aside – seem to be less stressful now.
    An essay about tea?! Tell me more [maybe in a future mail? I’m hoping to mailyou back while on the seven-hour train rides this week].
    Not American but last time we got to vote a few months ago I choose to send my vote in, too. Way more relaxed regarding the number of choices we had to make [the German system is different].

    1. Joyce says:

      Makes sense. Do you have a lot of candidates/issues on the ballot? The Colorado ballot had way more issues on it than I’d ever seen on my Kansas ballot, so I was in some ways glad I could vote at home.

  6. Evangeline says:

    Yay for the possibility of getting your thesis rescheduled!! I can’t even imagine what it’s like to write a thesis, but I’m sure you need all the time you can get, especially with all the other responsibilities and commitments you have. Best of luck. Those Buddha Broth Bowls look like pure, comforty warmth.

  7. I think Qdoba is way better! The Qdoba nearest to me is so nice though and new so that could be why…theres also a bar with margaritas too! I love the bohemian veg tacos!!

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