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Week in Review + No-Shame November Deadline Extended!

So…I didn’t have any takers on No-Shame November.

Which is really totally okay! I’m actually not super-surprised. I’m a new, small blog with limited time and means for publicity, and a lot of my friends on the off the interwebs are very busy with other projects. And, you know, life. 😛

However, some of you did express genuine interest in participating. So, if you’re still interested, I’m extending the deadline to November 15.

Email me a 200-500 word description of your No-Shame November challenge by Tuesday, November 15 and I’ll share it, anonymously or with your name, on the blog!no-shame-novemberHere’s my little challenge if you’re looking for inspiration. 🙂dscn2301So I actually feel like I’ve been kinda lazy this week. I’ve been celebrating having a little more downtime in the past few Week in Reviews, but I’ve also been letting that go to my head and not been keeping up with all the crap ton I have to do.

But still, I’m going to celebrate what I did accomplish. Because that’s what Week in Review is all about!Week in ReviewLet’s get listing!

  1. I taught three lessons.
  2. I graded 23 annotated bibliographies. 10 left to go!
  3. I ate Halloween candy. (That counts as an accomplishment, right?) I also posted about eating Halloween candy in a What I Ate Wednesday.dscn2287
  4. I had a piece up for workshop in my nonfiction workshop course and got lots of feedback that…might or might not be useful. Honestly, sometimes workshop feedback just makes me feel overwhelmed and not super-productive. But, oh well. It was still fun to write about tea!–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also during workshop, the professor had it at her place and ordered pizza for us all, including, very kindly, gluten-free pizza for me! It was the best gluten-free crust I’d had in a long time.
  5. I went to swing dance on Wednesday night. It was Nightmare-Before-the-Holidays themed, meaning that you were supposed to wear your Halloween costume. I was the Paper Bag Princess! (Anyone remember that book from when they were a kid? Such a good one!)dscn2306That’s makeup soot on my face–in case you were wondering.
  6. I posted a new vegan low-FODMAP recipe to the blog.kabocha-carrot
  7. I went to two spin classes.
  8. I helped my sweetie with his going-away party. He’s moving to New Mexico to start a new job this coming week, and I’m sad. :'( I made potato corn chowder–this recipe–and my Hot Mama Chili that got third place in a chili contest at the University of Kansas back when I was an undergrad. Third place out of eight entries, but still. I’ve never shared my Hot Mama Chili here on the blog because it’s not even close to low-FODMAP, but everyone who ate it  on Saturday night said they really liked it–including my sweetie, who was super-excited about it!

    At the party, we hung out with friends, played games, ate soup, and played with Play Dough! I made a bunny.14937324_10154750072772783_8733735947295756585_n

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing week. Two weeks ’til Thanksgiving Break–at least here at Colorado State.

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  1. Cora says:

    Wow… Any chance you’ll post the recipe, even if it isn’t low-fodmap? I could go for some prizing winning Hot Mama Chili.
    I want to participate in No Shame November! I do! I just either haven’t been creative enough to think of something, or nothing that I feel “shameless” about has come up (besides binging on The Bachelorette Canada… but I’m still a bit ashamed of that one). I’ll keep it at the top of my thoughts this week. Are you on Facebook or the BGB community page? I’m sure there would be some ladies there who’d love to participate.
    🙁 to your sweetheart taking off. So nice you had a going away party for him.

    1. Joyce says:

      Sure–I’ve been thinking I might post it. I just might not be for a while, since I need someone else who can eat it after I take the photos. (I can’t.)
      Don’t feel obligated to come up with anything super-creative or out of the box. It can be a little thing, like taking the night off instead of doing your homework or eating that one more piece of pizza. 🙂

  2. I am all about soups right now so your chili sounds fantastic, and the corn chowder looks amazing!!

    Hooray for swing dancing and spinning.

    Also you were a grading machine. I am impressed!! Boom goes the dynamite.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Joyce says:

      Ha! I wish grading felt like “Boom goes the dynamite.” It usually feels more like a sloth climbing a tree. “If I can just get to that branch…and then there’s only eight more after that.” 😛

  3. Third place out of eight? That’s pretty good as is your chili, I bet.
    Even if you can’t see it yourself – and trust me, I know this feeling – you actually did quite a few things in the past week. If something was significant to us it counts as an accomplishment.
    Also, your prof sounds really sweet ordering gluten-free pizza so you could join in the fun, too.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Miss Polkadot! It definitely was super-sweet of the professor to get the gf pizza.

  4. Oh I am just seeing this No Shame November and love the idea. I have been wanting to ask my local gym if I can teach a fitness class since I recently got certified but haven’t had the courage to do it. If I meet the deadline I’ll definitely submit a reflection. Thanks for the extra push!

    1. Joyce says:

      Hey that’s awesome! Good luck teaching your fitness class–that does take courage. But also, if you don’t meet the deadline, no shame. 😉

  5. Sounds like youve been having a great week! Very productive! That potato corn chowder looks amazing!

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Heather. It hasn’t felt very productive, but it’s nice to know it looks like that from an outsider’s perspective.

  6. Alyssa says:

    hope the spin classes were fun! I love biking 🙂 Yay for halloween candy too! or any candy for that matter. Hope you are having a great day Joyce!

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