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Week in Review: And Then It Was Winter

Wednesday it was in the 70s and sunny.dscn2360-2Okay, so this picture isn’t that sunny, but trust me, it was sunny.

Thursday, it was snowing and in the 30s.

Wee.dscn2367-2Here are just a few accomplishments from the week. To see what other bloggers have been up to, check out the linkup party over at Meg‘s.

  • I taught three lessons. Although Friday was less of a “lesson” and more of a game of Jeopardy. Actually, it was a game of Jeopardy. Literally.
  • I had workshop and my literary translation class as usual.
  • I went to two spin classes. One of those days, I tried fueling with a ProNourish, the new low-FODMAP nutrition shake that Nestle is distributing in stores in the U.S. I decided to try it, since it’s the first low-FODMAP product I’ve ever seen marketed as such in the U.S.dscn2368-2It was awful. Perks of not being a sponsored blog: I can say that! But when your tummy’s really upset and you can’t get anything else down, I can definitely seeing the perks of having a liquid low-FODMAP option with some added protein and nutrition.
  • I went to Wednesday night swing dance, including the lesson this week. Haven’t made it to the lesson in a while.
  • I finally got a new computer charger and can now use my laptop again as normal. My phone, however, spontaneously refused to turn on for 24 hours, even though it was fully charged. Me and my stuff. We have a difficult relationship sometimes.
  • I’ve been trying out a few new recipes from the new low-FODMAP cookbook I ordered, including this green smoothie made with banana and pineapple.dscn2359I also posted a WIAW about my adventures cooking from the new book.
  • I put up a new recipe for low-FODMAP chili con carne–probably my favorite recipe I’ve developed for the blog so far!dscn2332-2
  • I went to an open mic night called Chicken Riot on Thursday night in downtown Fort Collins.
  • Friday, after spin, I also went to a creative writing reading called Forksocket at the same venue.
  • I posted a guide to making a low-FODMAP Thanksgiving meal–easier than you might think!
  • Saturday, I drove about four hours to my grandpa’s house in western Kansas and stayed the night at his house. We watched the Jayhawk football team win a game! It was the first time I’ve actually seen that in a long time. My grandpa got me mixed up with my mom and made me four cups of coffee on Sunday morning, even though he’s a tea drinker through and through. I’m a tea drinker through and through too, but I was so touched that I filled my travel mug before I hit the road.
  • On Sunday, I drove the rest of my way to my parents’ house in eastern Kansas. It was the longest solo drive I’ve done in my life. I stayed awake by drinking the aforementioned coffee, sitting straight upright rather than leaning back into the seat, listening to NPR (they had a really interesting feature about recent TED Talks on food), listening to music and *cough cough* singing along. Honestly, if I just listen to music I get drowsy, but if I sing along I stay away. Don’t judge.

Now I get a week at home. Hooray! Looking forward to spending time with this one.DSCN0711American readers: do you have plans for Thanksgiving?

Any readers: how do you stay awake and alert on long car trips?

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  1. Sound like you’ve had a lot of fun! I hope you have a nice, restful holiday.

    Car trips… I always have peppermints to keep me awake.

    1. Joyce says:

      Peppermints–that’s creative. I wouldn’t occur to me that those could help keep me awake, but I’ll have to try it sometime. πŸ™‚

  2. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break week! I’m off Thursday and Friday and am looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and Friday decorating for Christmas at home! πŸ˜€

    1. Joyce says:

      Hope you have a lovely holiday with your family. Decorating is such fun!

  3. Juli says:

    OMG I so wish it would snow this week here, too. We have plans to go to a Christmas Market next weekend but the mild temperatures here don’t feel very christmassy at all!

    Your chili looks awesome! I love me a good chili recipe and I will check it out for sure πŸ™‚

    1. Joyce says:

      I can definitely empathize with it feeling hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s still very mild out!

  4. Evangeline says:

    We didn’t get snow, but the temperature dropped from the comfy 60s to the low 30s over the weekend. It was crazy. Solo car singing is super. No judgement. The low-FODMAP thanksgiving recipes are awesome. I always appreciate learning more about it. Happy Thanksgiving week!

    1. Joyce says:

      Wow. Brrrrr. Stay warm and hope you have a happy Thanksgiving as well, Evangeline!

  5. We had a seventy degree day here last week followed by snow the next. Good thing I got the last of my plants indoors.

    It sounds like you had a lovely week, a mixture of work and pleasure with a road trip thrown in for good measure.

    Have a great holiday. I hope you get lots of cat snuggles and relaxing time in.

    1. Joyce says:

      Glad you got your plants indoor before the snow hit!

  6. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving, for the time off and all the good food. And I can’t believe you already got snow, hope this doesn’t mean it’s going to be a long winter. On long car rides I eat really unhealthy candy to help me stay awake, but it works.

    1. Joyce says:

      Hey, if it works! It’s probably a lot better for your health to eat a little sugar than wind up in a car accident. πŸ˜‰

  7. Cora says:

    Holy crap – this was all one week? You rocked this week girl.
    YAY for getting to a swing lesson and for getting a new computer charger!! Damn technology. You and I seem to have the same relationship in regards to losing things and having our technology/phones hate us.
    So i’ve been really wanting to go to more open mic nights and check out more types of poetry/writing readings but haven’t had any time. When I’m done this year I really want to make it a goal. So jealous you did BOTH this week.
    Sorry to laugh at the awful nutritional shake. Wish it was good, but I guess I’m not too surprised. Love the honesty.
    Finally – you get a whole week off!? Amazing. Enjoy and relax!!

    1. Joyce says:

      Yeah–it’s kind of a weird system. We only get one week off at Colorado State, and it’s always just a couple of weeks before finals. Hope you get the opportunity to check out an open-mic night–it would be a great opportunity for you to perform!

  8. Kat says:

    I want to go to a spin class so badly!! I’ve never tried one but I have a spin bike at home and I totally love it.
    Im so excited about Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to eat alllll the food πŸ˜‰

    1. Joyce says:

      Have a wonderful holiday. Hope you have the chance to try a spin class sometime–they definitely kick your butt (or at least, they kick mine), but I always feel like I’ve had an awesome workout afterward.

  9. Awwr. Your cat is a cutie. What’s her/his name and age? We had cats when I was a wee one and I secretly wish we still had some.
    Soo … you didn’t by any chance get extra hours in your week? Because wow, you had a lot going on. I’m impressed.
    And your relationship with technology? I can relate so very very well. We’re not going to get into how many things I should probably consider replacing but can’t get myself to …
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Enjoy this cozy time at home.

    1. Joyce says:

      That cat is Maggie–she’s pretty old. Does someone in your family have allergies?
      It’s funny, it didn’t feel like a particularly busy week to me. But thank you for your kind words.
      Grrr. I’m sorry about the frustrating relationship with technology and having things break/get lost/just stop working. I empathize.

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