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Caterpillar Crawl: January 2017

I think this should be called “Caterpillar Crawl: Breakfast Edition.” I found so many good low-FODMAP or FODMAPtable recipes this month. Seriously, I think I’m set on breakfast recipes at least until summer. (Not that I won’t keep finding them and Pinning them. πŸ˜› )

I really like doing these Caterpillar Crawls, but I’ll admit they are getting rather long. I guess I get over-excited.

Oh, well. Skim through and read what piques your interest. Skip the rest. πŸ˜‰

Low-FODMAP Recipes

Healthy Chocolate Pecan Muffins with a Hint of Coffee from Karlijn’s Kitchen. A healthier chocolate-y treat.

Banana Bread Granola from Courtney’s Cookbook. I don’t know why, but I especially crave granola in the winter. Just stick to a quarter of the recipe or less to keep it low-FODMAP.

Quinoa, Banana and Oats n’ More Breakfast Bake from The Fit Fork. The combination of steel-cut oats and quinoa would make these bars really hearty and filling.

Gluten Free Blueberry Protein Waffles from The Fit Foodie Mama. I seem to be on a breakfast recipe kick. Use a low-FODMAP protein powder such as rice protein to keep these low-FODMAP. 

Low-FODMAP Beef Ramen from Karlijn’s Kitchen. Oh, to eat ramen again!

Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups from Fit Foodie Finds. More breakfast. Just omit the garlic for low-FODMAP.

Lemon Pesto Salmon from Running in a Skirt. Just use a homemade low-FODMAP pesto to make this low-FODMAP!

Crispy Turmeric Chickpeas from Vegging at the Shore. Stick to 1/4 cup servings for the elimination phase of the low-FODMAP diet.

Four Ingredient Chocolate Chia Pudding from Nutrition on a Mission. Looks like a delicious and nutritious dessert alternative! Just be sure to stick to an 8th of the recipe if you’re in the elimination phase of the low-FODMAP diet, as chia seeds are only low-FODMAP in up to 2 tablespoon serving sizes.

Soft Baked Brownie Breakfast Bars from Running with Spoons. Amanda said they rocked her fuzzy socks off. I think the rest of us had better check to make sure, don’t you? These would be low-FODMAP if you used a gluten-free flour blend such as King Arthur.

Banana Oatmeal Muffins from Gluten Free on a Shoestring. These healthy banana muffins look delicious and super-simple to throw together with a mini food processor.

Snickerdoodle Caramelized Banana Oatmeal from immaEATthat. Um…yeah. This looks amazing! Just use lactose-free or dairy-free milk to make it low-FODMAP.



Life After the Reintroduction Phase: What Is the Modified Low-FODMAP Diet? from A Little Bit Yummy. You do not–I repeat, do not–have to follow the strict low-FODMAP diet for life. Reintroducting FODMAPs can make your life so much easier in so many ways.

Lactose and Dairy Products on a Low FODMAP Diet from the Monash University Low FODMAP blog. You can eat dairy on the low-FODMAP diet. In fact, depending on your level of sensitivity, you might even be able to eat lactose-containing dairy foods with or without needing to take a lactase enzyme supplement.


Recovery & Health

Stop Doing Stuff You Hate from A Dancers’ Live It. Don’t like running? Don’t run. Find a different kind of physical activity that you enjoy more.

Busting the Three Biggest Weight Loss Myths from Avocado a Day Nutrition. “Health is not a number on the scale–it’s the outcome of our behaviors.” In other words, eating nutritious food and exercising has more to do with your health than how much you weigh.

Why I Want To Do More “Mindless” Eating from Beauty in Christ. Being mindful when you eat is great…but not when it takes the form of fear and anxiety. Like Emily, I’d love to just be able to let go more when I eat and focus on the things that truly matter (i.e. not the food.)

Aiming for Fullness from My Littletablespoon. Definitely something I need to work on along with Cora: being okay with feeling full.

The 4 Week Fear Foods Challenge from HealthyEzSweet Life. An awesome challenge to push you outside of your comfort zone! If you’re interested in participating, it starts February 1.

Exercise After ED: Living Is More Important Than Lifting from HealthyEzSweet Life. Exercise is great, but it’s not life.

What Is Your Disordered Eating Making You Miss Out On? from immaEATthat. I’m gonna guess it’s a lot more than just food.

The “Yoga Body”?? from Blissful Lyss. Yoga is a practice of how you feel, not how you look.


And Other Stuff

5 Things You Need to Stop Apologizing For from A Dancers’ Live It. You don’t need to apologize for having an opinion, for taking up space, or for asking for something you want.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL #whyimarch from Sprint 2 the Table. Because it is a big deal.

Seeing the Beautiful Things from My Littletablespoon. Just a good reminder. (And some beautiful writing.)

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  1. Evangeline says:

    Thanks for the recipe shout out! These posts are a saving grace because honestly…I forget to keep track of all the amazing recipes I see on blogs. It’s so nice to have some of them complied in one place. Also, breaky is my favorite meal of the day, so bring on ALL the breakfast recipes.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my Why I March post. It’s so important that we keep talking, and keep the momentum. πŸ™‚

    Also, now I want like 10 different breakfasts. All at once.

  3. Thanks so much for including my salmon! I hope you enjoy it! So many good food options you found.

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