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Week in Review: Quirks

As I was thinking what to list for today’s Week in Review, I started thinking about all the odd little personality quirks that my habits reveal. Hence the theme of today’s post.

I don’t like being given advice. As I posted about on Wednesday, I’ve been meeting with a dietitian to try to get to where I’m truly in a healthy place eating-wise. We had our second meeting on Monday. She’s actually given me some really useful tips, but I still tend to leave our meetings grouchy and annoyed. Partly, I think her “style” doesn’t quite fit my personality. But partly, I’ve never worked well with clinicians of any variety because I really don’t like being given advice.

I actually posted about my dislike of advice on this blog over a year ago.

I do like following guidelines. Also in the Wednesday post, you’ll see that I’ve been following the dietitian’s aforementioned advice to eat at least three foods–at minimum one “combo” food plus at least two additional foods–with each meal. Ironically, given my distaste for advice, I like it; I like that I’m not getting as hungry as often, which means I’m better able to concentrate and also don’t have to stop and snack quite as often. I also just like having guidelines. I try not to treat them as “rules” because food rules are a dangerous path to walk down, but I do like the structure of thinking each day: what foods could I add to this sandwich/lasagna/soup/pizza/salad/tacos/whatever to make a more nutritious, well-rounded meal?I love teaching and…uh…don’t love grading. I had a few one-on-one meetings with my students this week that were awesome–and they all did super-good out their commas quiz. Now if only I didn’t have to grade all their papers that came in on Friday.

I’m a procrastinator. Thesis? Oh, yeah, I guess I do have to finish that one of these days. Like by the end of April.

My lesson on commas takes all its example sentences from Harry Potter. Nuff said.

I’m that student who always raises her hand in class. I particularly noticed this Wednesday as my class was discussing a controversial work of nonfiction. I had to sit on my hands a few times. I’m like Hermione Granger, except a Hermione Granger who procrastinates.

I use weird metaphors. Like in this post I put up on Saturday, when I compared eating disorder recovery to rebuilding something out of Legos. Weird.I pack my own snacks…but I feel self-conscious eating when no one else is. I had a great time at swing dance on Wednesday night, but around 9:30 or 10, I was feeling really hungry. We were all going to go to a restaurant together, but the only thing on the Late Night menu I can order there is wine because of my food intolerances, so I just started eating some random chocolate in my bag. The people I was sitting with probably didn’t care at all, but I felt really self-conscious.

I like finishing off containers. Any containers: lotion, cereal, tea, you name it. I like the de-cluttering feeling of throwing away the empty box or bottle or rinsing out my Pyrex and sending it through the dishwasher.

I forgot, mid-week, that I was going to be flying back to Kansas for Spring Break on Friday, so I went and bought some more food when I should have been getting creative and clearing out. Still, I was proud of myself for what I was able to use up in the last few days: eggs, cereal, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, a box of tea, a bottle of lotion. Unsurprising, given that those things are the staples of my diet lately. Except the lotion.

I really like naps until I have to wake up from them. Actually, I don’t think I’m unique there.

I don’t like sweet cereal. I flew home on Saturday and went with my mom to the grocery store. She said I could get any cereal I wanted. I wanted cornflakes. I like cornflakes but not frosted flakes; rice and corn Chex but not cocoa puffs or Kix; regular Cheerios but not honey nut.

Oatmeal, though? I’m always adding extra sweetener. Can’t do that one without sugar. ???

My boyfriend’s nickname comes from my cats. One of my favorite things about going home to Kansas is getting to see the original Fuzzy Faces.

Your turn! Share one personality quirk that the events of this past week reveal about you.


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  1. I love finishing off containers too. There’s something so rewarding about using something down to the last drop and then recycling the remnants.

    Quirks are fun; at least in my opinion.

    I eat all the crusts on my sandwiches first before getting to my favorite part, the center. When I drink water, I rarely take a sip here or there; instead I drink like eight ounces in one gulp and them I’m good for a time. It’s not unusual for me to finish an entire 16 ounce water bottle in one guy. My Hubby thinks I’m a camel. 🙂

    Happy Monday and here’s to a great week.

  2. I talk to myself! All the time…whether the kids or other people are around. It’s getting out of hand. I don’t even realize I do it anymore.

  3. Cora says:

    I feel really self conscience when I pull out food when others aren’t. Even with family and Dan. Dan and I were at a show on saturday and between acts I pulled out a bag of chocolate. I’m sure he could have cared less, but I always find it try to “hide it.” Not a quirk but rather something I resonate with. I think your quirk of not liking taking advice is admurable, and matches well with my stubbornness. Hopefully you and your dietician can find a way through this :). That being said There’s always someone out there that will jive with you so when one doctor/dietician etc doesn’t work, keep looking! I have way too many quirks to even get started…

    1. Cora says:

      I hate typing on phones. Especially new phones I don’t know how to work. …I meant to say “find I try to hide it,” and “admirable… not admurable.” Oh hey theres a quirk. I hate technology. And typos.

  4. I dont like advice either! I also hate eating snacks when no one else is eating! Especially if it’s a crunchy snack!
    A quirk about me is that I’m often annoyed when spontaneous plans pop up because I’m such a planner. Even if it’s fun, it makes me a little anxious!

  5. Evangeline says:

    I love reading about people’s quirks. We’re all so unique. Weird metaphors are the backbone of most famous literature, so just consider yourself ahead of the game. You’re practicing for when you write your bestselling novel, right? Waking up from naps feels awful, and it’s the main reason why I refuse to nap unless I physically can’t keep my eyelids propped open. A weird quirk…hmm, probably my compulsion to grocery shop when I’m stressed. It calms me down, and I have no idea why.

  6. Why are we so alike? That’s scary. Or pretty amazing. I’ll go with the latter. Fellow rule/guideline fan but not appreciating advice so much.
    Procrastinating? Me? Oh, never. Read: always. Okay, it’s gotten better on weekdays but weekends just seem to run away from me every time.
    One of my really weird quirks: I can’t stand people walking on my right side. When somebody does I always try to more or less casually switch positions. Don’t ask why because I can’t explain it.
    Happy Monday, Joyce!
    (By the way: have you found out whether you’ll visit Germany in summer yet :)?)

  7. Kaylee says:

    Someone has told me that if you like your dietician then they aren’t doing their jobs. Though I disagree with the statement, I think there’s some truth to it. Coming out feeling frustrated, hating being told what to do is definitely something I can relate to.

    I thought I was the only one who thinks cornflakes > frosted flakes! High five girlie! ✋ Also, sounds to me like you’re basically the love child of Hermione and Ron!!! What house are you in btw?

    Based on the past couple of days spent working where I was overthinking a lot of my emails and responses, I would say I’m cautious or hesitant. But hey, I did get them out eventually!

    1. Joyce says:

      Lol. I’m in Hufflepuff. Cornflakes ftw!

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