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A Week of Peeps

Not the marshmallow kind.

Confession: I don’t think I’ve ever had a Peep. I really just don’t like raw marshmallows–I adore them when roasted over the fire or melted on top of my hot chocolate. But not cold straight out of the bag.


This week was my Spring Break back in Kansas, so I had a lot of opportunities to see my friends & family. Those peeps. Sharing my adventures for a quick Week in Review.

Monday, I graded papers. Then I went with my mom and bought a new pair of shoes. (Does anyone else wear Ryka? Almost every pair of athletic/walking shoes I’ve bought since high school have been Ryka.) Afterward, we met my brother and his wife at our neighborhood sports bar for some half price burgers and fries.

Tuesday, I graded papers. In the evening, my mom encouraged me to try a new spin class that she goes to on Tuesday nights. It was a ton of fun!

Wednesday, I graded papers. My grandpa arrived in the afternoon and we took a trip to his favorite store, “Wally World.” (Walmart) And I had a new post up on the blog about little things you can do that are good for your budget, your health, and the environment.

That night, I went to the University of Kansas swing dance. KU Swing Dance was a big part of my social life once, so although I didn’t know very many people going back this week, I was still glad I went.

Thursday, I…you guessed it! Graded papers. In the afternoon, we took a trip to Topeka and got to hang with some members of my mom’s family at the zoo.

There were bears sleeping in trees. By which I mean there were two large bears curled up on a limb that looked like it could barely hold their weight, maybe 40 feet in the air. Occasionally, they yawned and stretched and turned over–in their skinny tree limb 40 feet in the air! It was terrifying.

After the zoo, we went for burgers and fries at the cutest local diner. I had already eaten lunch, so I ordered a chocolate milkshake, which was certainly high in lactose and likely also high in fructose, two things my body doesn’t love to digest…but hey, I hadn’t had a milkshake literally in years.

Friday, I wore a green t-shirt while grading papers. I also met an old friend for pho at noon and was glad to get caught up with her.Friday night, my dad and I drove over to Topeka again, where my brother and his wife were performing at the Celtic pub for St. Patty’s Day. They’re so talented! And I have to say, as much as I enjoy traditional Irish music, I did not appreciate its true impact until I saw it performed live to a bunch of drunk people. That crowd was A) totally into it and B) could not keep a beat.

Shameless plug: If you’re into Irish trad, their band Dorian’s Wheel has a CD on iTunes.

Saturday, I…graded no papers! Instead, my mom and I went for a morning bike ride. #1 thing I want to prioritize after I finish grad school: riding my bike!

I flew home to Colorado in the late afternoon/early evening and got violently sick on the plane. I barfed prolifically on the plane and then, in the middle of the busy terminal with hundreds of people walking by, I found myself quite suddenly down on my knees barfing prolifically yet again.

I was very thankful that my boyfriend came to pick me up, rather than me taking the shuttle home. He pulled off a few times to let me dry-heave on the side of the road and then pulled into McDonald’s and got me an orange juice, which I sipped the rest of the way home and kept sipping all Sunday.

So that was weird. My IBS had been flaring up before I got on the plane, so it suppose it could have been the combination of IBS and motion sickness from the plane, but vomiting is definitely not a usual symptom of IBS. It passed much more quickly than any time I’ve caught a stomach bug. Food poisoning? I don’t really know. I just don’t want it to happen again. When I got home, I did the bare minimum I needed to around the house and immediately crashed.

Sunday was a lazy recovery-from-illness day. No more vomiting, but still weird nausea and stomach cramping. I’ve spent most of the day…uh…grading papers…on the couch in my yoga pants, sipping orange juice. Although my boyfriend and I did get in one nice walk in the sun and I took a trip to the grocery store. 


Who did you get to spend time with this week?

Do you have a favorite shoe brand you buy over and over?

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  1. Your week sounded pretty magical, aside from all that paper grading, right up until barforama. It’s bad enough being sick, but to have it happen so publicly. Oh vey. You poor thing. I’m glad you recuperated and are already feeling a bit better. Also, despite puke fest 2017, I’m thrilled you had a wonderful week with the family. They’re good for the soul.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Meg. I don’t get to spend as much time with family now that I’m in grad school, so it’s definitely a blessing.

  2. Cora says:

    Joyce I think you should start grading your papers. Your students will want them back you know.


    So glad you had a nice week at home with your family, irish music, bikes and bears. I’ve had an epic craving for a burger since Friday. A big standard beef/cheese/ketchup burger. I’m jealous that you got one.

    1. Joyce says:

      You think? Okay, I better get on that. 😉
      Take yourself out for that burger!

  3. Evangeline says:

    “Wally world” is a favorite in our household. We also call it “mallwart.” So happy you got to spend time with the peeps. Kudos to you for all that grading. It means so much to me when teachers (English teachers especially) take time to thoughtfully grade and get my papers back quickly. I’m sure your students feel the same 🙂

    1. Joyce says:

      I like Mallwart. I might have to borrow that one. 😉

  4. So much grading!! Glad you fit in some fun in there too! So sorry you had that violent stomach bug! Maybe it was something you ate? Glad you’re faring better now!!

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Heather!

  5. I’m SO sorry you got sick AND that you had to grade so many papers. At least you got to grade around family and puke around the boyfriend. Both are better in company. You know where I spent my time this week: kids 24/7.

    1. Joyce says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Jamie. Partly I’m just a slow grader. You’re so right that having loved ones does make hard things a little easier.

  6. Kaylee says:

    Loving the celebratory, “green” pho for your St. Patrick’s day lunch! Whether that was intentional or not. Oh no, I hope you aren’t catching the stomach bug! I heard one has been going around. ?

    My sister was in town for her Spring break so I got to spend some time with her. We went out to get our studying on at a coffee shop, jamming to Disney tunes in the car on the drive over there. Though her school is only an hour away, it’s hard to make time to do things like that when we’re both busy with classes.

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