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Caterpillar Crawl: March 2017

How is it the last day of March? (How am I going to finish my thesis on time?)

I’ve much increased my munching this month. Since this post on the sixth, I’ve just kept getting hungrier and hungrier and and eating more and more. I’m a little metabolism machine.


I’ve been a bit behind on my blog reading this week, so sorry if there are awesome posts out there that I’ve missed. Still, I found lots of good reads and good eats to share with y’all this month!


Low-FODMAP Recipes

Chicken Tikka Masala from Strength & Sunshine. This looks amazing–and it’s dairy-free for anyone with a dairy intolerance! Just omit the pureed garlic and onion powder for low-FODMAP. Coconut milk yogurt has also not been tested for FODMAP content yet, so sub in plain Greek yogurt or lactose-free yogurt if that’s a concern.

Healthy Fudgy Dark Chocolate Orange Brownies from Amy’s Healthy Baking. Low-FODMAP with the gluten-free option. Just stick to 1/16th of the recipe if you’re in the elimination phase or really sensitive to cocoa.

Quinoa Kale Egg Muffins from Eat, Live, Run. These would be a great, quick way to get protein in at breakfast. Just use a small amount of regular salt in place of the garlic salt for low-FODMAP.

Low-FODMAP Wraps from A Less Irritable Life. Low-FODMAP, gluten-free and dairy-free wraps that don’t break when you roll them? Yes, please!

Curried Lentil Quinoa Soup from Delicious as It Looks. I’ve been digging lentils lately. This one’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, too!

Chicken Street Tacos from Kate Scarlata. Is it apparent that I love tacos?

Low FODMAP Hummus from Karlijn’s Kitchen. A low-FODMAP version of the classic healthy snack.

Chicken Pesto, Presto! from Delicious as It Looks. Love this idea for a quick and easy freezer meal!

Low-FODMAP Baked French Fries from Treble in the Kitchen. For the love of potatoes.

Flourless Carrot Cake Yogurt Pancakes from Cotter Crunch. I want these pancakes in my life.

Low-FODMAP Tuscan Turkey Pasta from Delicious as It Looks. Looks like delicious healthy comfort food to me.



Fueling for Exercise on the Low-FODMAP Diet from Lauren Renlund. Exercising in the midst of an IBS flare-up is not fun. Lauren’s shared some great tips for fueling for your workout without feeling crummy.

Chronic Constipation: 10 Proven Remedies for Relief from The Good Men Project. A really nuanced and in-depth article, citing many scientific studies and acknowledging that what works for one person might not work for another. Note that, while laxatives are an effective first-line treatment for acute constipation, they should be used sparingly by chronic constipation sufferers.

Low FODMAP Sandwich Fillings – How to Make a Low FODMAP Sandwich from Karlijn’s Kitchen. Because you can get bored with ham & cheese.

Why Less FODMAPs = Less Symptoms is Wrong from Calm Belly Kitchen. Once you’ve identified your personal trigger foods, there is no need to continue restricting high-FODMAP foods that you tolerate.

Bowel Movements Conversations Are Embarrassing, but You’ve Got to Do It from An important reminder of what “normal” poo means–many of us with IBS don’t know or don’t remember–and the point at which to talk to your doc.

The Foods I Eat When My IBS Flares Up from It’s hard to eat in the midst of a serious IBS attack, let alone to eat the amount and variety we want most of the time in our diets. A reminder that it’s okay to live on eggs and toast for a few days, as long as it’s not too often or for an extended period of time.


Recovery & Health

The Day I Followed Canada’s Food Guide from My Littletablespoon. Fascinating post about the weaknesses of following any food guide, including a government-sanctioned one. The government cannot tell you what your body needs. (Includes some potentially triggering content, such as meal planning and calorie counting. Read at your own discretion.)

Body Acceptance and Dating from The Real Life RD. An important reminder that if someone doesn’t want to date you because your body doesn’t fit some ideal body type, they ain’t the person for you.

Body Dysmorphia or Bad Body Image (& How to Cope) from Drops of Jules. Love this line:“Disordered thoughts only have power in your mind. Once said aloud, they have to fight against rationale.”

How to Overcome the Fear of Eating More from HealthyEzSweet Life. Great post about getting comfortable with adding more to your meals. Just what I’ve been trying to do this month.

If You’re Hungry, Please Eat from Bucket List Tummy. The title says it all.

Fullness vs. Satisfaction from Yeah…Imma Eat That. You want both after a meal or snack: fullness and satisfaction.

Eating Food that Makes You Feel “Bleh” Does not Conflict with Intuitive Eating from Avocado a Day Nutrition. “In real life, eating decisions are more complex and nuanced than simply fulfilling physical needs”


And Other Stuff

Adding to the Noise from Polyglot Jot. A wonderful post about adding quiet and relaxation to your life, rather than more commitments or screen time.

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  1. Cora says:

    Thank you for sharing my link and including the disclaimer (seriously – important). So many good links here. Sure shows there are so many kick ass body-positive and food-positive women out there.

  2. Hey! Thanks for sharing my recipe and so many wonderful low FODMAP and IBS resources!

  3. WAHOO!!! So thankful that you are getting hungrier and your metabolism is speeding up! Feed that body. It’s a gift.

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