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Week in Review: 10 More Accomplishments

In truth, I don’t feel like I accomplished much this week. It’s getting to the point in the semester when the big, ugly things are dwelling on me, so that even when I’m doing work, I feel guilty about the bigger, scarier, more “important” things I should be doing instead.

For instance, I only took three pictures all week, all of this heron in the rain. Or a crane? An egret? It was beautiful, whatever it was.

Here’s a few things I did do this week. Thanks to Meghan for reminding us to focus on our accomplishments, no matter how small.

  1. I signed my lease to stay in this apartment next year. I don’t have a job for next year yet, so that’s a little nerve-wracking, but the housing market in Northern Colorado is absolutely bananas and frankly, I really like my apartment and my roommate.
  2. I taught three lessons. I think/hope they were coherent and helpful.
  3. I also returned all of my students’ short assignments to them within 48 hours. Impressive, for me.
  4. I went to swing dance. For some reason, I’ve been super-tired this week, drifting off at my desk, snoozing my alarm way too much. ? I was so sleepy that evening I wasn’t planning to stay even past the lesson. The Fuzzy Face called right as I was about to head out, though, and after our conversation, encouraged me to stay. Glad I took his advice.
  5. I did my usual two spin classes and the Monday weights class I’ve recently discovered that I really like.
  6. I wrote an essay for my graduate creative nonfiction workshop. It’s short but gutsy. And by gutsy, I mean it’s about guts.
  7. I went to a classmate’s thesis reading. So good! Her essay, “How to Get to Heaven from Colorado,” will be published in the upcoming issue of the Iron Horse Literary Review!
  8. I posted a What I Ate Wednesday explaining what it means to follow a “modified low-FODMAP diet, as well as a Caterpillar Crawl for the month of March.
  9. This weekend, myself and a small team of friends and family helped the Fuzzy Face move from one third-floor apartment to a different third-floor apartment. Two trips with a small trailer and five cars. About ten hours total. No elevator. I’m sore everywhere.
  10. On Sunday, I did a great big grocery store run and stocked up on a lot of food. Here’s hoping it lasts a wee while; my pocket book is sore now too.

I realize I haven’t been reading and commenting on blogs as regularly as I’d like to. My life right now is very hectic and will remain so for about a month-plus. I may also have to drop out of posting as much as I like to. I’ll still be around; reading blogs sometimes becomes my “I can’t grade another student paper right now or I’ll go bananas” thing. But I might not get to as many posts for a few weeks. Still love you guys!


Have you ever signed a lease before you were certain you’d have a job somewhere?

Any good moving stories?

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  1. Cora says:

    Girl – returning all your students’ assignments within 48 hours is an accomplishment enough for the whole week. Not to mention a weekend of moving. That is EXHAUSTING. Congratulations and huge fist pumps all around!

    1. Joyce says:

      Daw. Thanks for the kind words, Cora. They really were very short assignments–just little in-class activities and quizzes. But, yes, the moving was exhausting. We worked hard!

  2. Oh man good luck with the last home stretch this month of finishing. It’s okay, we’ll be here when you get back!

  3. We’re both really awesome at overlooking our own accomplishments, hm? Let me assure you that you did a lot in the past seven days. The move alone as well as returning your students’ essays in time and that fast are huge. Moving is one of the most stressful things ever for me.
    Also, your first paragraph sums up my current feelings about work, too. No matter how hard I try tasks are piling up before I can make a decent dent into the older ones. Frustrating is putting it lightly.
    Don’t stress about blogging. Your relaxation and sanity comes first.

  4. Kaylee says:

    I definitely find Meghan’s WIR most helpful when I feel like I did not accomplish much during the past seven days. And I can relate to being at that point in the semester, overwhelmed and put off by all the BIG things that have to get done.

    WHOA does that move sound like a feat! Thankfully, my apartment moves have been pretty low-key.

    There’s a Disney swing dance event taking place on my campus next week! Never been swing dancing before I’m tempted to go just because Disney ?

  5. Evangeline says:

    Holy cow! If I had a teacher who returned my assignments within 48 hours, I would probably hug them. I like to know where my grade stands, and because I completely understand that teachers are crazy busy, I really appreciate timely feedback and grades all the more. An essay about guts? Do tell. I’m intrigued.

    The move sounds like a major accomplishment. It’s funny how activities like that trigger muscles that don’t get used all that often, even when we workout.

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