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Caterpillar Crawl: June 2017

It’s the last day of June! Which means it’s almost The Fourth of July, my favorite holiday.

I think like the Fourth of July, not so much because I love my country (although I do love my country, despite its many flaws), but because I love summer. And I love fireworks. I’m always amazed, when I watched them, how long humans have had that technology. They seem almost magical they way they glitter in the sky.

Speaking of the Fourth of July, did you see this coconut cream pie I posted yesterday? It’s only like the most dreamy summer dessert ever.

Hope you find something yummy to chew on (literally or metaphorically) in this month’s Caterpillar Crawl!


Low-FODMAP Recipes

Berry Bourbon Gluten-Free French Toast from The Fit Foodie Mama. Who figured out that you can take stale bread, soak it in custard, and fry it for one of the most amazing breakfasts? I would like to thank that person.

Gluten Free Graham Crackers from Gluten Free on a Shoestring. S’more season is upon us! Just sub in brown rice syrup or maple syrup for the honey to make these low-FODMAP.

Homemade Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing from Running in a Skirt. Just sub in garlic-infused oil for part or all of the olive oil and omit the minced garlic for a low-FODMAP variation.

Raspberry Pineapple Coconut NICE Cream from My Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Life. A cold treat for hot days.

Chunky Monkey Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie from Southern in Law. Is chocolate and peanut butter the best combo or what? Add banana and I’m all there.

Asian Salad from Karlijn’s Kitchen. This looks like such a delicious side dish for a low-FODMAP meal. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan too!

Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Squares from The Joy of Eating. Coconut, peanuts and chocolate? I’m down.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge from Katalyst Health Blog. Did I mention it’s gluten-free and vegan? ?

Roast Chicken Caprese Salad from Eat Live Run. Definitely making this salad this summer. Looks so good.



10 Ways to Add Flavour to Low-FODMAP Food from Lauren Renlund. Gosh, I feel cosmopolitan sticking that ‘u’ in ‘flavor.’ 😉 But seriously–Lauren has some wonderful tips for keeping your low-FODMAP dishes flavorful.

Digestive Enzymes during the Elimination Phase from IBS–Free at Last! I know that lactase enzyme pills help me absorb dairy, so I was interested to read about other digestive enzymes which might help with FODMAP malabsorption. Note that they’re not recommended for the elimination phase of the diet.

Can Nausea Be a Symptom of IBS from Yup. Not my fave.

Understanding the Stress IBS Cycle from A Less Irritable Life. While stress doesn’t cause IBS, it certainly can aggravate IBS, while IBS can then aggravate stress. I really appreciate Alana’s thoughts about getting out of this nasty feedback loop.


Recovery & Health

Restrictive Eating and Thyroid Function from the Real Life RD. I don’t know why, but I find the science-y stuff about how undereating affects our bodies super-interesting. Ironic, since biology was my least favorite class in high school. Anyway…restrictive eating can really screw with your thyroid, and consequently, your hormones.

Blaming Your Body + Tolerating Being Bored from Yeah…Imma Eat That. As usual, Kylie has the most insightful and articulate things to say about recovery. We so often talk in our community about using food/exercise/restriction/body as scapegoats for feelings of pain and hurt, but not a lot about boredom. ‘Bleh’ is also something I feel a lot. And that’s okay. It’s normal to feel ‘bleh.’

Hormones Part 2 from The Wholesome Blog. Really inspiring post by an awesome lady who was able to restore her cycle and her health.

What Life Is Really Like after Having Anorexia from Drops of Jules. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all day every day. But it does get much, much better.

Giving Up from Loved and Worthy of Love. Great post about establishing a healthy, happy relationship with exercise.

What Are You Missing Out on by Dieting? from The Joy of Eating. Dieting won’t make you feel better. In fact, in many cases, it can cause you to feel worse.

Your Weight Doesn’t Matter from The Real Life RD. BMI is bunk.

Exercising Intuitively from Beauty in Christ. Podcast featuring Alison from the Daily Moves and Grooves blog, reminding us that exercise is a blessing, not a punishment.

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  1. Evangeline says:

    Happy 4th, Joyce! Hope it’s full of summery things and sparkly fireworks. Thanks for the awesome links!

  2. Emily says:

    Robyn’s posts are so good!!!! And I love what Julia writes about recovery too.

    That pie looks ABSOLUTELY dreamy.

    I love the 4th of July and the reminder of freedom mostly because of remembering that I am free in Jesus, freedom that no one can take away.

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