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Currently: October 2017

Hi, all.

Teaching four sections this semester has been keeping me very busy, and I haven’t been posting to the blog nearly as much as usual. I tend to be on campus until pretty late, and at the end of the day I come home, eat supper, and crash. And after working on the computer all day, I don’t want to look at a screen again for as long as I can help it. Sorry to my blog peeps that I haven’t been able to keep in touch with you as much as I’d like!

Fortunately, I have been pretty forgiving to myself about giving one day a week to myself totally off. Usually Saturday. The last couple of Saturdays, I’ve just said, “That’s it. I cannot grade. I cannot work on my online course.” And I don’t blog either. On Saturdays, I’ve been spending time with Fuzzers, going for hikes, and enjoying the beautiful fall weather we’re getting here in northern Colorado!

View of Long’s Peak from the Purple Door Market in Hygiene, Colorado

Recent hike at the Rabbit Mountain Open Space near Lyons, Colorado

So I thought I’d bop by and for a little currently for the month of October. ?????

Current excitement: October! I suppose it’s a bit cliche in the blog world now, but I do really like fall. I especially love when the leaves start to turn. And I’m looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch!Current bane of existence: Hm. Because “grading” would be too repetitive, I’ll go with…lack of time and energy to do things because of grading??? Specifically swing dance. I’ve been way too beat to get off my couch and go swing dancing, and that’s bumming me out.

Current food(s): Soup, perhaps? Fuzzers and I decided to go to a little local market and gluten-free bakery in Hygiene, Colorado after our hike for lunch. I’d heard of it, but never actually been there. We both got pork green chili and split some chips–plus I got the cutest little cinnamon roll! I also made a big ole pot of ham and lentil soup last week. It was my first time cooking with fresh fennel, and I have to say, I kinda liked it. Plus cornbread because I’ve had the mix in the cabinet forever and who doesn’t love cornbread?!Currently watching: By some odd coincidence, the last Star Trek Fuzzers and I watched was very appropriate for Halloween. Everyone on the Enterprise was basically having waking nightmare hallucinations, and it was friggin terrifying.

I really don’t do well with horror movies. I followed Fuzzers around literally everywhere the rest of the evening–I refused to be alone!

Current accomplishment: I successfully found a new optometrist, got an eye exam, and ordered a new supply of contact lenses before I ran out. I was proud of myself. #adulting

Current non-guilty pleasure: I got several new sweaters and blouses this year for teaching and I really like wearing them. There’s something about wearing new clothes that just feels so spiffy.

Current procrastination: Right this moment, I need to work on this online course I’m taking. Although I did grade eight papers today and go for a short hike, so I’d say I’m doing okay.


Do you like horror movies? Hate ’em? Somewhere in between?

What foods have been hitting the spot this fall?


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  1. Quill says:

    This overwhelm and stress seems to be a common trend this semester for most people I talk to, including myself, especially myself. I feel like I’m hardly keeping my sanity, haven’t written in my journal in months, feel hardly any emotion, and so on. I don’t take any days off as you do, that sounds nice but I don’t think I could afford even that much of the time. I do sometimes spend part of a day doing something fun with friends or family, but not regularly. The one regular recreational activity I do commit to is swing dancing – the less I feel like going, the more I know I need to. The semester is past the half way point, just hang on for the next 8 weeks…
    As far as fall food, I’ve never really been too into pumpkin, my favorite is wild apples. The little ones found on trees planted for shade or decoration, or even growing wild in parks and other areas. This year has been a rather poor year for such, only one tree I’ve seen in the entire Front Range has produced anything this year – a little tree along the Spring Creek Trail just east of College Avenue. They are incredibly good though, amazing flavor. I have to wonder how many thousands of people have ridden, jogged, or walked past that tree without ever noticing the delicious fruit it bears. I gathered some from it, to eat and to bake. I have an apple cake recipe I like, usually use wild apples for it, but there wasn’t enough this year so I bought some fuji apples in the grocery store. I was planning to use a mix, but after cutting up one of the little wild ones I sampled it, decided it was too delicious to mix with the others so I just ate it, will eat the others in a few days, and baked the apple cake with just the grocery store apples, which are edible but not nearly as flavorful. Gave the cores to my guinea pig, he is also a big fan of wild apples.

  2. Cora says:

    Getting all your eye stuff done and buying new contacts before running out? Hella props to you. I ordered new contacts 3 weeks ago and have still yet to pick them up. I was going to today, but it was too damn freezing out I came home and ate KD in bed instead. …#adulting?

    With my purging and organizing of my clothing recently, I’ve been wearing some of the things I usually forget about or never wear. And they are definitely making me feel spiffy as well. Love that feeling.

    You’re working hard. No time or desire to be on a computer is 200% understood. I’m beyond exhausted with my apartment searching to do much of anything else.

  3. I feel you 10000% on grading struggles! I’m working as a TA in grad school for the first time, and getting used to the time-swamp that is teaching has def been challenging. I like psychological thriller movies, but not usually straight horror. And I’ve been loving banana ice cream!

  4. Kaylee says:

    I’ve been loving all things soups and stews recently too! And same goes for horror movies. I’m a scared-y cat. Give me all the Disney movies and I’m happy.
    Thanks for reminding me to get my own eyes checked! ?

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