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A Trip to Glenwood Springs

Hi all! If I’ve seemed absent from the blog, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s because I’ve been running around the mountains!

Fuzzers and I took a three-day trip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, a beautiful mountain town on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies.

I didn’t pack my computer. Besides one episode of Star Trek on Monday afternoon, it was a couple days of electronic media freedom. And I loved it!

Just wanted to drop by and share a few pictures and tales of our adventures lately.

Around town

Fuzzers and I stayed at a less-expensive hotel very close to the downtown, which gave us a little more flexibility to spend on other things. Like the hot springs! Glenwood Springs is famously home to the largest single pool created by a natural hot springs. Think Olympic pool. But with steam coming off the top.

Lots of steam. (In case you were wondering, the slides in the foreground were definitely closed. But they did have an operating diving board.)

Fuzzers and I tried the Glenwood Hot Springs (pictured above) our first evening and went to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, which was a little more upscale with many smaller pools, the second evening. The pools themselves were wonderful; the challenge was running between them in our bathing suits with the bitter winter wind coming off the river!

We explored the historic Colorado hotel, which was gorgeous inside and out. We also explored the town’s historic downtown. I was a fan of the bookstore; Fuzzers went more for the outdoor adventure supply store. Speaking of which…


On our second day in Glenwood Springs, Fuzzers and I took a seven-mile hike up to the top of a nearby mountain. There was tons of snow, and it was very steep at times. Luckily, Fuzzers had the forethought to suggest we each buy a pair of microspikes before our trip.

If you ever plan to hike in snow and ice, microspikes make a big difference. They’re like a less intense version of crampons; great for slippery trails with icy patches.

We got some gorgeous photos out over Glenwood Canyon!

My everything hurt by the time we got back to the trailhead. We were glad for those hot springs!


Our first dining experience in Glenwood was at a local taco joint called the Slope and Hatch. You could get everything from curried lamb tacos to falafel tacos! My fish tacos were scrumptious, but unfortunately, I had quite the stomach cramps afterword; I’m suspicious that I should have taken my Lactaid pill.

After our big hike, we had some great pizza at Rocky Mountain Pizza Co.

Plus we did some chicken at KFC one night and grabbed some Subway to take on our hike. I don’t know it’s common to eat salad on top of a mountain, but this particular Subway didn’t have gluten-free bread, so salad it was. Plus chips and a Luna bar because carbs.

I did have a few tough IBS flare-ups–to be expected when one travels–but overall, I thought my IBS did pretty well considering the divergence from my usual eating routine.

A note on traveling when you’re a FODMAPer and follow a modified low-FODMAP diet: there are bloggers who will tell you to pack all your own food, call every restaurant ahead of time, avoid all high-fat and high-sugar foods, anything to avoid a flareup. And okay, some precaution is good. I did pack a few snacks I knew I personally tolerate well, and I did ask wait staff about gluten-free options. But I didn’t ask about every ingredient or refuse to eat out. FODMAPs don’t cause any permanent damage, and following your personal modified low-FODMAP plan to a T just isn’t worth the stress; that stress itself could cause a flare-up, anyway!

That’s my two cents, anyway. I know some folks have flare ups much more debilitating than mine have been in the last couple years, so you do what you know works best for you. But also, don’t be so fixated on avoiding a flare-up that you forget to live.

Drive home

For our final treat of the trip, we left the interstate on our return to the front range and instead took a scenic detour along highway 40. Granted, I did nap through part of our scenic detour. I just can’t keep my eyes open on long car trips! But totally worth the detour to get to see some beautiful mountains and the headwaters of the Colorado River.

Linking up with Amanda to share my adventures for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


Have you ever been to a hot springs? Tried snow hiking with microspikes or crampons?

Tell me about a cool place you’ve visited recently!

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  1. Alyssa says:

    I would loveeee to travel here. Looks so beautiful and I’m glad you had a lot of fun! I’m excited for some upcoming travel next month.

    1. Joyce says:

      Oh, wonderful! Hope you have an awesome time!

  2. Lovely! I can’t say I would want to hike in the ice and snow because of my hatred of the winter..but I can’t deny the beauty of it! I think I’d love to get in those hot springs though..what a cool experience!

    1. Joyce says:

      Thanks, Heather! I hear ya. It was really cool, but when I had snow up to my knees, I was like, “When is summer?!”

  3. Cora says:

    Oh man. So beautiful. I’ve never really done much mountain or winter outdoor adventuring. I have spent some time in the rocky mountains (in canada) and the sites are absolutely spectacular. What a great way for you and fuzzers to spend the last bit of your holiday time together. Fresh air can do wonders. Hope you are feeling refreshed and ready to get back to it. Ugh.

    1. Joyce says:

      I’ve heard the Canadian Rockies are beautiful–but very cold! You’re always welcome to come explore the mountains with me!

  4. It looks beautiful! You’re giving me the travel bug. Steep hike in the snow–sounds tough, but you rocked it! And hot springs afterwards sound lovely.

    1. Joyce says:

      Uh oh. Hope you get a chance to act on that travel bug soon! In the meantime, hope you have a great start to your spring semester!

  5. Kaylee says:

    SO SO gorgeous Joyce. Aside from the magnificent views, taking a break from the interwebs also sounds lovely.
    Great advice on eating while on a trip. “But also, don’t be so fixated on avoiding a flare-up that you forget to live.”
    I’ve never done anything quite as cold as that but on the opposite side of your trip a not-so “cool” (in the temperature sense) place that I got to see when I was in the Philippines were the islands in Palawan.

    1. Joyce says:

      In truth, it wasn’t *that* cold. Fuzzers and I actually took off our coats for part of the hike!
      Wow! I just looked up Palawan and it looks like an incredibly beautiful place. I hope you had an amazing time!

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