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Currently: January 2018

One thing I find odd about college–which for me  now means teaching college students–is how long the holiday break is. Like, the holidays feel long gone to me. But at the same time, school is only just starting up.

As usual, on the first day of class, I make terrible jokes (not like “terrible” jokes that are actually good but like, legitimately unfunny jokes), lose track of important documents, mispronounce everyone’s name, and generally cause all-around doubt in my abilities as a composition instructor. It’s great!

I generally wear something quite unfashionable on the first day to help make it clear that I’m the teacher. One thing I like being about teaching: I no longer have to pretend to not care about the fact that nobody at school thinks I’m cool because as the teacher, I actually don’t care that nobody at school thinks I’m cool.So that’s one current: school’s starting again.

Here are a few others!

Currently watching (which doubles as my current obsession): It’s not Star Trek. I started Jessica Jones at the end of Thanksgiving break, and then I finished the rest over winter break. Y’all. I like this character. She’s mean, she’s badass, she occasionally makes rash decisions…she’s basically entirely the opposite of me. But anyway. I guess season 2 comes out in March, and I’m a bit too excited about it.

In my defense, I haven’t fangirled over anything in a loooong time–like, since high school–and I’m kind of enjoying fangirling again for a while.


Currently reading: Almost finished with White Teeth by Zadie Smith. This is the kind of book I want to talk to smart people about. I get that there’s a teeth motif, and I get that it’s important…but what does it mean? I need to hang out with smarter people to process. But also, it’s hilarious.

I might or might not have put in a request for Outlander at the library.

Current bane of existence: I can’t sleep! I suspect the brand-new extremely bright lights my landlord installed in the parking lot of my apartment complex, one of which is right outside our window. Or maybe not. Whatever it is, I’ve been tossing and turning for an hour or more each night before I fall asleep.

Also in sleep-related news…

Current joy: My parents got me a new down comforter and duvet cover for Christmas and it’s the cutest thing.My possessions seem to be gradually growing more woodland-creature-themed over time.

Current drink: There are very few juices that are low-FODMAP, but cranberry juice is one of them, and I ended up with some frozen cranberry juice concentrate I make into juice by the glass. That’s really been the thing, especially since it’s harder in the winter to eat as many fresh fruits. I love grapefruit, but there is a limit.

Current food: I don’t know. Maybe this stir fry? I made some this week and it’s been really hitting the spot. Trader Joe’s superfirm tofu makes tofu 150% better.Current accomplishment: I successfully found myself a new dentist, got my dental insurance information to said dentist, and got my teeth cleaned. I’m so good at this adulting thing, guys.


What are you reading? Watching?

Do your possessions either intentionally or unintentionally have a “theme”? (flowers, bicycles, cats, owls, etc.?)

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  1. I’m with you on the “theme” Without really planning it, I seem to get everything in minty/grey/white colors and lots of stripes and chevron patterns.
    You’re so funny about school. I work at a university and feel the same. I have to show them who’s boss a lot because everyone still thinks I’m like 19 years old….I’m like yes, I’m a real grown up.

  2. Kaylee says:

    Jessica Jones is SO good!! Didn’t know the next season was coming out that soon. Thanks for unintentionally letting me know. And I yes I know what you mean about missing your inner fangirl. I’ve been making my way through the show, Black Mirror. It’s an anthology sci-fi-ish series.
    Those little woodland animals are adorable! I don’t have a theme necessarily but I’ve found most of my things are an aqua/teal color (my phone case, backpack, journal, water bottle, wallet…). It’s kind of sad honestly.

  3. Alyssa says:

    stir fry’s are my fave lately too! for drinks, i’d have to say a chai tea latte 🙂 current book is “women who run with the wolves” -> you would love!!

  4. Quill says:

    I was thinking about all my possessions over winter break, at least the ones I use most often – bicycle, car, computer, and 3D printer – and realized they really do have a bit of a theme – beat up looking, modified, kludged together, but very functional. Partially because I tend to be sort of hard on my stuff (you may have seen my water bottles…) and partially because I refuse to give up on stuff and replace it, for several reasons. All except the bicycle are old and “obsolete” in most people’s eyes, but I upgrade them to suit my needs rather than buy something new. All of them I upgrade, modify, and repair “my way,” often with little regard for aesthetics. And all four of those things involve 3D printed parts, especially the 3D printer itself.

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